1. What is Suveran Smart Exchange or Godzone Credit Exchange?

It is the private medium of exchange platform of our unincorporated private association called Global Advertising Internet Network Foundation for Suveran or Sovereign-Heirs who seek self-determination and self-governance of their private affairs in a decentralized system to exchange their own products and services and to create an alternative value current-see of energy transfer. ​ 


A Short Video Explanation is HERE and a more in-depth explanation is HERE. Please refer to the Public NoticeDOITermsDisclaimersPrivacy Policy.


2. Who owns and operate the private medium of exchange platform?

The system is owned by IO Matua Te Runga Rawa, Io-nui Io Supreme Creator Father Most High. It is run by Guardians Of Divinity who are AD-Ministers of exchange integrity. The Head AD-Minister and co-designer is :Gavin-John: :Marsich: ®©™℗ aka; Ariki-nui-Kawenata :Marsich-Crown: ®©™℗ of the :Marsich-Crown-Kingdom: ®©™℗ of :Te-Whare-Mātāmuatanga-o-IO: aka; :Kingdom-House-of-IO:®©™℗ in the PRIVATE.

The following sites have the latest updates; The Kingdom House of IO and Conscious Common Unity Communities.


3. What are the features and benefits of the Credit Current-see Energy Exchange?


a) No more Government or Banking Cartel Control. You now have your own internal e-wallet transacting account.

b) There are 5 Plans – Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

c) You are an affiliated Sovereign Creditor in Credit when you join and upgrade from Bronze to a Platinum Business Affiliate.

d) Our members are of lawful age of 18+ and over.

e) Guardians Of Divinity are AD-Minister watchmen and womb-men over the system. Our members are the LORE Protectorate.

f) We are an online internet service that does NOT require physical offices. Rather, our Guardians Of Divinity maintain virtual mobile offices where-ever they can get internet coverage. We are a service provider in Private de jure.

g) Apart from the very low external weekly admin and upgrade charges, all activity is done internal and in credits, providing a digital world of exchange at our member’s fingertips.

h) We are an Unincorporated, Non-Government Foundation (NGF) affiliated to the Kingdom of Supreme Creator IO and The World of Love Governance infrastructure.

i) We are a humanitarian, philanthropic, tax exempt, community service - Clean, Feed, Teach, Love, Peace and Charity.

j) Our association is a private and exclusive pay-it-forward membership support network. This requires affiliates to sponsor new members to inherit weekly credit residuals. Everyone receives 10,000 units of credit value to kick-start the program. Through the pledge and upgrade membership plans and sponsorship, every member receives a universal basic income that increases the start-up credts one thousand-fold. Here is where members can receive their inheritance of 10 Million credits. (sponsorship is the key)

k) Our Credit-Ether Current-see is a private medium of energy exchange. The members are our commodity and their goods and services are the intrinsic transfer value attached to the infinite bond certificate of value given by IO Supreme Creator.

l) AU means 'Me' or 'I' in our Native mAUri language. AU is the symbol for GOLD. AU stands for Authority. People are the AU Gold Authority Standard of this system of energy exchange.

m) Access is through internet services via a mobile phone, laptop or computer 24/7. You must be logged in to operate your account. We are currently in discussions to introduce a (VPN) Virtual Private Network with a telco company.

n) Free Wifi hot-spots are available globally for mobile smart phone devices and most Libraries have Free computer time.

o) You get your own online back-office login & e-wallet credit account with an advertising exchange portal and administration tools to run your business affairs. We encourage members to set up a non-government foundation to operate in the Private de jure, in alliance with our Cooperative Mahi-tahi Business Alliance.

p) Every member MUST Sponsor (10) Ten New Members within the first month of joining and (1) One New Member each month thereafter to qualify for the start-up Syndicate 1,000 Group pledge and upgrade plan (Silver 1,000 membership plan). The objective is to upgrade to a Platinum Plan to receive the maximum credit-ether current-see benefits of the system and to spend them on advertised products and services within the network to boost the economy with the growth and development of your very own community service business. This is made easier through registration and affiliation on the start-up FREE Plan, your 10,000 unit kick-start and the Silver 1,000 auto-upgrade from Admin. It is also FREE to join and you have 3-months FREE Trial to establish your business. After this trial period, you are required to pay the one-time €250 Euro set-up pledge and the weekly €5.50 Euro ongoing contribution pledge, to maintain your live account.


q) You inherit 10,000 Credit-Ether to sponsor 10 or more new members and the administration infrastructure has filled the positions with financially active members (FAM) or affiliate subscribers 6 levels deep with members who have qualified with 10 new members and who have upgraded through the 6 plans of GAIN 2U MATRIX and Syndicate 1,000 Group Foundations. (Take note that this is a forced binary 10 x 6 infrastructure) with GAIN 2U MATRIX and a uni-level, ONE line support network with the GAIN 2U NETWORK.
[NZ Public Finance Act 1989, Statement of Guarantee Given Under Section 65ZD of the Public Finance Act 1989 pursuant to section 65ZD of the said Act, dated 5 June 2020]

r) You receive 50 to 50,000 credit-ether a week for every living sovereign member you privately sponsor and personally introduce. This is worth between 2,600 Credit-Ether to 2.6 Million Credit-Ether a year, from EACH and every new member you sponsor. (Take note that this is a uni-level infrastructure that you benefit from your own sponsorship effort)

s) One Credit-Ether has a benchmark value compared to One Euro Dollar externally and 1 point for 1 point credit energy exchange value internally upon agreement and acceptance of all members who electronically affiliate and join. If the current dystopia system crashes the fiat currency (money) system, we will revert to 1 gram pure AU Gold Coin bullion to 1 AURA Gold Light Credit-Ether Energy Exchange value.

t) You can exchange credits for goods and services with other members 24/7. Delivery of your exchange may require alternative funding sources until we can source a credit-based postal union service.

u) You have Unlimited Advertising to list harmless products and services with a 10% Tithe on any items exchanged.

v) The 10% Tithe is from your internal credit-ether transfers. The Credit-Ether, less the 10% Tithe comes from the 6 pledge and upgrade plans of the GAIN Foundation and is supported by the global value covenant of IO.

w) The Guardians Of Divinity have agreed that the minimum Hourly Service Rates to be charged will be:

i. 50 Credit-Euro per Hour for Unskilled Services.
ii. 100 Credit-Euro per Hour for Skilled Services.
iii. 200 Credit-Euro per Hour for Professional Services.

Providing you offer 10 Hours of Voluntary Community Service each week to your local community co-ordinator or manpower outsourcing agent. You can only receive half of the hourly rates if you choose to NOT commit to the Voluntary Community Service.

x) No Tax, No Loans, No Interest, No Crime, No Unethical Business allowed. Your credit-ether residuals received through sponsorship, commissions, incentive rewards, and exchanging advertised products and services is all that you require to fulfil your desire.

y) Exchange something old for something new or simply sponsor new members to build your credit-line.

z) We will provide National Credit-Ether to Tribal Chief Treasurers of each Native Nation on accurate numbers of their population, if they join us and sponsor their people and encourage creativity and resource exchange. The more people, the more value that is distributed to each Nation from the pay-it-forward credit-ether residuals.

aa) There is NO saturation point as you can continue to open new accounts to increase your credit-euro residuals as long as you maintain the obligations of each account and use a different email address and sim-card mobile phone number. It is a follow the leader, jump-over and spill-over infrastructure that allows you to pledge and upgrade with your original team, over and over again.

ab) All transactions must be made from the back-office login areas of each platform and must not be re-directed to any personal or private business websites unless the business is set up as an Unincorporated Foundation within our network. Any member caught doing the before will be instantly suspended for remedy and/or terminated entirely from the program.


SPECIAL NOTICE as of 1 January, 2024


a) New Members can trial the system for a limited time of 3-months.

b) After the trial period the external costs will apply. If the New Member fails to meet their obligation of payment, their account can be suspended for remedy or terminated entirely. 

c) 10,000 units of AURA Gold Light Credit Ether will be credited to a New Members e-wallet account, after they have verified their identification and the information has been validated. This is to give them a kick-start to their experience with us. If the New Member chooses to leave on their own free-will, they may be required to repay any Aura Gold Light Credit Ether to replace the 10,000 units of value. This is not needed, if they have sponsored New Members and increased their credit shares.

d) The gifted credits are for New Members who sponsor and introduce (10) Ten plus New Members and who meet the criteria of the membership obligations. If a New Member has sponsored (3 or more) (3) Three or more New Members, they will break even, everyone after will be profit share.

e) During the 3-month trial period, members cannot use the gifted credits for anything, other than paying the membership plans internal costs. Once members have decided to remain a sponsoring member, and become a contributor with their one-time set-up pledge and their weekly ongoing contribution thereafter, plus they have attained (10) Ten New Members plus, they will be able to earn their universal basic income, to support their future membship plan internal costs.

f) From this point on, members will have full autonomy on their account to transfer AURA Gold Light Credit Ether to the main trade and barter platform of the GAIN 2U MATRIX through gift vouchers or Admin Support.

g) The 10,000 units will return a thousand-fold in value, when used in the manner in which the program(s) were designed. We have a One Thousand Year Constitution, that will return your divine inheritance and abundance through the universal basic income sponsorship program.



a) Our Credit-Ether Current-see is our own private medium of AURA Gold Light Credit Ether Energy Exchange.

b) This Credit-Ether Current-see can only be used within our private network association and not exchanged for Fiat Currency externally or traded outside the program for products and services, who are not members of our conscious community.

c) NO Government or Elite Banking Control.

d) NO Tax, Loans, Usary Interest or Criminal activity.

e) The system is monitored for serious breaches of misconduct and any corrupt transactions. We encourage every member to be vigilant when transacting or exchanging goods and services, so we can expose the bad behavior of dishonest members and especially artificial intelligence ibots who regularly try to infiltrate the joining process.

f) The Affiliate Referral Program requires members to introduce (10) Ten New Memberships within the first month of joining and add (1) One New Membership each month thereafter. So All membership plans can recruit new members for their support network to receive extra credit residuals when they eventually upgrade. Everything is internal using our own private medium of exchange with those who have elected to become private members of a private and exclusive association.

g) All paid subscription members who sponsor new paid membership subscriptions on the God-zone platform receive a 50% share of the internal membership subscription plans, of the members they personally introduced receiving 50 to 50,000 credit residuals weekly, on the GAIN 2U NETWORK platform only.

h) All Membership plans get unlimited advertisement listings for personal or business products or services for a 10% Tithe on any items sold, transacted or transferred.

i) Only paid annual subscription donations or Sales from exchange receive extra Credits.

j) All members who receive extra credits through the system must spend a minimum of 50% of the credits on products or services from within the advertising platform. This establishes exchange to boost the economy and provides true intrinsic value to the system. Breaches to the above may result in suspension of the account(s).



a) The FREE Plan allows members to get started with sponsoring new memberships immediately to build their support network to earn extra credit residuals once they upgrade. It also allows them to list their products and/or services/talents onto the advertising platform to sell, barter or trade to earn credits from exchanges immediately. However they must top-up or upgrade from the FREE Plan if they are exchanging products and services on the platform to cover the 10% tithe of each item sold.

b) You must be a member of the GAIN 2U MATRIX pledge and upgrade program to earn credit-ether to transfer to the God-zone platform to earn weekly credit-ether residuals and vice-versa.

c) All Membership Plans have Unlimited Advertisement Listings for a 10% Tithe on any items sold, transacted or transferred. Larger ticket items may charge an upfront listing fee as well as a success fee when sold or exchanged.

d) Advertising Members benefit from consumers who have the potential to earn extra credit residuals that must be spent on items from the advertising exchange. Priority is always given to quality of items, price and value for money.


4. How much does it Cost?



JOIN WISE Transfer HERE and set up a EURO Account for the best solution and make it easier to transfer your one-time set-up pledge and weekly contribution pledges.

We have an EXTERNAL one-time set-up pledge of €250 for the opening of an account, then an ongoing service subscription pledge of €5.50 a week thereafter, auto direct credit to: 

The AD-Minister


REF: Your Member#

IBAN BE90 9672 1670 4632


(Please create an automatic weekly direct credit to secure your position on the platform)

If you are not a paid subscription member, you will be deleted from the program, so please ensure you have started your payment before applying to become a member and notify ADMIN at gain2unetwork@protonmail.com.

This is a service platform for people who seek an alternative solution to exchanging their values, who are sovereign creditors and not debt slaves.




Requires credit-ether transferred from the pledge and upgrade syndicate plans or a € Dollar top-up.

[Please contact ADMIN to discuss the most affordable and effective option to get started] 

The INTERNAL Membership subscription pledges are as follows;



0 Credit-Ether to earn 0 Credit-Ether from each New Subscriber you personally recruit.


To get started, list your products and services and sponsor 10 New Subscribers within the first month of joining and add 1 New Subscriber each month thereafter.


Upgrade when you earn incentive rewards from the Bronze to the Platinum plans on the GAIN 2U membership support network and Plan 1 of 6 of the pledge and upgrade plans on the GAIN 2U matrix.




100 Credit-Ether to earn 50 Credit-Ether from each New Subscriber you personally recruit.



1,000 Credit-Ether to earn 500 Credit-Ether from each New Subscriber you personally recruit.



10,000 Credit-Ether to earn 5,000 Credit-Ether from each New Subscriber you personally recruit.



100,000 Credit-Ether to earn 50,000 Credit-Ether from each New Subscriber you personally recruit.




1 Credit-Ether for any unqualified account that needs to be re-activated.

5 Credit-Ether per minute that requires an Administrators time with a minimum 15 minute charge-out rate.



AD’s have categories that are positioned in order of date and time placed.

0 Credit-Ether Cost – Unlimited Listings of Personal or Business items for a 10% Tithe on items sold or transacted.

100 Credit-Ether - Featured AD - Weekly Cost.

500 Credit-Ether – Homepage Promotion AD – Weekly Cost.



10% Tithe on ALL transactions or transfers.



i)        Bronze - Unskilled Labour - 50 Credit-Ether per Hour

ii)       Silver - Skilled Labour - 100 Credit-Ether per Hour

iii)     Gold - Professional Labour - 200 Credit-Ether per Hour

(These rates require 10 minimum hours volunteer Community Service) or you will only earn half the rates above. Please contact your local manpower outsourcing agent or local community co-ordinator assigned by the GAIN Foundation.


5.      Where did the Credit-Ether Current-see come from?


Our Credit-Etther is supported by the Global Value Covenant of IO, God's Credit Reserves, 10% tithing immemorial of creation, Gavin-John for the House of :Marsich: unrebutted commercial lien of 25th June 2014, plus the recorded TBC value claim and the AD-Minister Ariki-nui-Kawenata :Marsich-Crown: and HIS Kingdom and all its infrastructure. Refer to the following;

When subscribers pledge and upgrade through 6 plans the internal administration infrastructure pays forward, credit-ether to the qualified subscribers e-wallet account less 10% tithe from each plan, when 6 levels deep of subscribers have filled all positions of the infrastructure.

The Syndicate pledge and upgrade program sponsors a 10 x 6 forced binary administration infrastructure of the GAIN 2U MATRIX that establishes fiat currency.

This e-wallet balance can be transferred to the God-zone platform membership program that earns 50% of the subscription plans from new subscribers who you have personally sponsored that have upgraded from the Bronze Plan to the Platinum Plan to earn uncapped rewards from a universal basic income.


We encourage our members to join the Contribution Society on a plan best suitable for their financial position. The smallest plan is a €250 Capital Pledge with a €5 weekly contribution for a term of 5 years and every 5 years thereafter. When members are committed to the contribution society, any accumulated funds are used to support community projects that you can vote on and be shareholders of with other members.


We envision the Contribution Societies to create syndicates all over the world, that enables each community to establish community markets for stall-holders, who are members of their own syndicates, to buy wholesale and sell retail at competitive prices.  A win, win for the entire infrastructure.


Our Credit-Ether zero-balances the Euro Dollar debt instruments of fiat currency (money). This clears the debt/sin/death ledger of fictitious birth/death certificate soul enslavement, through debt instruments (money/fiat currency) from commercial shipping lanes of fictitious military and uniform commercial code, admiralty maritime LAW of the sea and rule of LAW on the land (common LAW) and transfers the living soul of the sentient-being back to GOD under universal LORE of energy/natural law of maxim (God's LORE) written on stone, as Sovereign Creditors.


If and when the fiat currency (money) dollar collapses, by a dystopia world of chaos, the value of the dollar will be ONE (1) gram of pure AU Gold bullion in exchange value to ONE (1) Credit-Ether Energy Exchange Current-see token/unit and the bench mark value will no longer be the euro dollar. This is by the acceptance and agreement of the Hue-man members of this system in covenant with the Supreme AUthority of our divine Creator IO Supreme.






Alternatively this is the Credit-Ether Current-see of Energy Exchange of the people (he tangata) and the collective capacity of sweat-equity labour since the beginning of time immemorial, owed to the Supreme Creator of 1/10 or 10% Tithe on ALL Labour and Natural Resource Creation.


It includes the following; 

  1. God’s Bank Reserve value.
  2. AU is the symbol of Gold, represents Authority, in Maori language mean me or I and is the golden thread of divine essence of spirit (mAUri).
  3. An un-rebutted Common Law Lien by Gavin Marsich against world governments, government agencies, agents and principals of dead entity corporations.
  4. Our Mauri/Maori Awaroa, Akaroa and NOW Ataroa Banking Charters. The 1844 Victoria Trust Fund.
  5. The Billion Coin value of 304 Coins with a recorded valid claim in rite of €3,599,652,402.45 Euro.
  6. Ministers guarantee and indemnity of each Birth Certificate of $10,000,000 Assurance.
  7. The Global Asset Trust. A Trustee of a Deceased Estate Claim based on the blood sacrifice COVENANT of ONE Man. 
  8. Bible verses about money.


Each Person(s) Birth Certificate and (SSN) Social Security Number/(TIN) Tax Identification Number has hidden value.
NZ Income Tax Act 2007 Section EW 60 - A trustee of a deceased’s estate is a cash basis person for financial arrangements.
NZ Public Finance Act 1989, Statement of Guarantee Given Under Section 65ZD of the Public Finance Act 1989 pursuant to section 65ZD of the said Act, dated 5 June 2020 - Minister may give guarantee or indemnity if in public interest exceeds $10,000,000.
Global Asset Trust [GAT] - NZ National Provident Fund Restructuring Act 1990, Section 5.1(2)(a) as part of the 1844 Victoria Trust / Mauri Trust Fund, Native Reserve Bank, Awaroa and Akaroa Bank Accounts, The Endowment Reserve Trust Bank Charter 1831 then later The Onehunga Endowment Trust Bank 1861, NZ Public Trust and ALL Bank Reserves, including but not limited to global accounts held with The World Bank, Federal Reserve Bank, Central Bank and International Monetary Fund, New York Stock Exchange and United State Securities and Exchange Commission Corporations, endorsed by the [G.A.T] General Agreement on Trade Seal. 



6.      What is the value of the Credit-Ether Current-see?

We have set an external bench-mark value of One Credit-Ether Current-see of Energy Exchange is equivalent to ONE Euro Dollar (€1). This is mutually agreed when members electronically join the exchange platform and click the submit button to open an account. Please note that our credit-ether current-see can only be used as our own private medium of exchange within our own private network and private association and not to be used outside of our private platform or for any external activity.


7.      Where does the authority come from?

First authority comes from the Supreme Creator GOD, IO Matua Te Runga Rawa, Father Most High. â€‹(Genesis 1:26-31Isaiah 45:5-7I Timothy 6:15 &16,  Psalm 62:11&12Psalm 147:3-5). AU means Me or I in the Mauri/Maori Language. AU is the symbol for GOLD. AU is for authority. Therefore Man and Womb-Man are the GOLD Spirit Authority and by mutual consent they agree on the standard of value. Let no man say otherwise.




8. Who can join?

Any man or womb-man of lawful age over 18 years. (Adult age)


9.       What are the stages of growth?

NOTE: We can adopt any stage at any time in a Trading Alliance of Commercial and Consumer Affiliates.



Recruitment of One Million Plus Financially Active Consumer Members who are Increasing Internal Credit-Ether Current-see from sponsorship and internal exchange. The establishment of Contribution Societies all around the World with each Syndicate having a minimum of 1,000 members each, contributing (smallest plan) a one-time €250 Capital Pledge with a €5 weekly contribution for a term of 5 years and every 5 years thereafter. 



Introduction of Governing Body Politics and Member Databases for global infrastructure development and support or a Commercial Alliance with their own Customer Databases.



Wealth transfer and exchange. Out with your old items and in with the new, from idle capacity laying around the home to listing them on the advertising platform. (true real intrinsic value when exchanged)



Introduction of Service Providers on our minimum payment structures through Manpower Outsourcing or similar. Everyone has a talent that can be an advertised service (sweat equity labour). Check out the faq's for the minimum hourly rate charges at (4) Minimum Service Costs.



Introduction of Small to Medium Enterprises and Cooperative Merchants for local bartering and exchange through Trade Alliances.



Introduction of Partnership and Joint Venture Cooperatives for National bartering and exchange.



Introduction of a collective cooperative business alliance for global bartering and exchange.


ALL the above are subject to our rules of engagement guided by the Guardians Of Divinity, providing transactions are ethical and do not bring harm to themselves, other people or their environment (fauna and flora). Members can be suspended or terminated from this program for criminal or harmful behavior, so please exercise caution when transacting.


10.         Do I have to repay the start-up inheritance?

(Transfer of credit-ether)?

There is a requirement to recruit (10) Ten plus Paid New Memberships within the first month of joining and add (1) One Paid New Membership each month thereafter and pledge and upgrade through Bronze to Platinum Plans on the GAIN 2U Network and 6 plans on the GAIN 2U Matrix. Providing you meet the obligations of the membership plan of GAIN 2U Systems, and have received incentive rewards to transfer, you are not required to repay the start-up inheritance. Failure to meet the obligations may result in the credits being withdrawn or not paid out at all. Please note that before you can get your inheritance, you MUST verify and validate your membership with all your supporting documentation.


11.   What are the obligations of membership?

i) To ensure all pay it forward Pledges are current and up to date by ensuring the Box, ‘AUTO DEBIT’ Maintenance Fees From your E-Wallet Balance’ is checked in your back-office homepage, under the Referral URL links, to ensure you stay up to date with your payments and remain a Trusted Exchanging Partner. Failure to ensure the before will result in your account being suspended or closed which will result in losses.


ii) To introduce 10 NEW Exchange Partner Sovereign-heir Members within the first month of joining, then a minimum of [12] Twelve New Sovereign-heir Members Subscriptions per year or 1 New Exchange Partner Sovereign-heir per month, who pledge and upgrade to a paid membership subscription.


iii) To upgrade from a Free Sovereign-heir Members Plan to a Platinum Plan Sovereign-heir Members Subscription "Pay It Forward" Payment Plan and the AD Plan to list Unlimited Items once you receive the Non-Government Foundation start-up through the pledge and upgrade plans and Admin has upgraded you to the Silver 1,000 Plan.


iv) To be Sovereign-heir Members to our credit-ether current-see [digital or virtual value] affiliates that ensures value exchange.


v) To be a Sovereign-heir to the Working Cooperative of Syndicate 1000 Group and their Global Cooperative Non-Government Foundation Alliance exchanging Credit-Ether Current-see in a collective capacity.


vi) To pay 1/10th or a 10% tithe on all activity, including on transfers of Credit-Ether Current-see. This can be recouped from your community support network of NEW Sovereign-heir Members that you personally introduce and the universal basic income you receive.


vii) To spend the weekly gifted Credit-Ether Current-see on products and services with other registered Sovereign-heir Members, advertisements within the AD Network. (Credits must be exchanged to have true real intrinsic value)


viii) To list your unused or excess products and/or services back onto the Advertising Platform and become Drop-Ship Resellers.


ix) To comply with the Business Plan, Terms and Conditions, Ethical Marketing, FAQ's, Rules of Engagement, Terms and Conditions, Policies and Procedures of the Cooperative Non-Government Foundation Alliance.


x) To upload a Certified True Copy of your Birth Certificate/Born Live Record, a Photo ID like your Driver’s License or Passport, Proof of your Current Address that matches your profile information and a Current Photo of your True likeness with your ID held next to your face, to your back-office for validation and verification purposes ONLY.


xi) To ensure your personal, business or Non-Government Foundation profiles are completed, accurate, current and up-to-date.


xii) To uphold the Foundation's integrity by weeding out unethical and dishonorable behavior or criminal activity. If a member has been terminated for mis-conduct or bad unethical behavior, a reward of 10,000 units from the closed account (if any) will be credited to the member who reports the criminal behavior. This is an incentive to reawrd members who hold the integrity of the system.


12.   What are the reasons for suspending an account and termination from the system?

If guilty of any serious misconduct or dishonesty which, in the reasonable opinion of the Foundation, is incompatible with your position within the Foundation or which may otherwise prejudice or injure or tend to prejudice or injure the reputation of the affairs of the Foundation or any of the Foundation’s related companies, investors, shareholders, alliances, exchanging partners, customers or clients.


You can be terminated if you:


i) Have not paid your weekly subscriptions which makes you not a [FAM] Financially Active Member.


ii) Commit a proven criminal act that has committed a harm or injury and you are convicted of that act [beyond reasonable doubt].


iii) Breach the ethical marketing standards of the Foundation.


iv) Not meeting the Sovereign-heir Members obligations of introducing 10 NEW Sovereign-heir Members within the first month of joining and 1 NEW Sovereign-heir each month thereafter, not paying forward the Sovereign-heir Members plan pledge of 50% Share of the weekly Sovereign-heir Members subscription to your sponsor because the auto-debit box in your back-office was unchecked and not spending a minimum of 50% of your weekly credit-ether residuals on products and services within the network to create the tangible and intrinsic value of our Credit-Ether Current-see.


v) Not participating in the working cooperative or bringing new Sovereign-heir Members in, purchasing or selling products and services outside the network and a bad performance record to warrant the (ROI) Return On Investment.


vi) Regular Default payments and bad feed-back.


vii) NO reasonable excuse for NOT completing ANY exchange, transfer, purchase that is accepted in a timely manner.


viii) Using someone else’s Account without consent.


ix) Not participating in the growth of the Foundation and its affiliate referral program to quantify and qualify for your Non-Government Syndicate Foundation start-up pledge and upgrade rewards, backed by intrinsic value in credit-ether current-see [digital or virtual energy exchange value], product and service exchange.


x) Disloyalty to the organization by taking Non-Government Foundation products and services purchased within the network to an outside source for fiat currency.


xi) Loading fake account[s] and fake personal and Non-Government Foundation details to meet criteria.


xii) Deceptive and misleading advertising and misrepresentation of oneself for the wrong reasons.


xiii) Bring harm to another Sovereign-heir Member or subscriber.


xiv) Identity theft.


13.   What is required to make this system successful?


We are a conscience conscious contribution community of people who collectively agree to initiate energy exchange, guided by rules of engagement, terms and conditions in the use of the Godzone platform and it's private medium of exchange to exercise our 'free will' and consent to engage in the ancient practice of barter exchange without money. Your participation in recruiting new Sovereign-heir Members and exchanging products and services is a good start. By engaging in working COOP strategies and sharing your resources will enable small communities to function independently but interdependently in a collective capacity.


i) By meeting criteria and upgrading to a Platinum Sovereign-heir Member to exchange products and services to increase your credits and worth in the organization at its highest level.


ii) Your commitment to the program and following directions of [GOD] Guardians Of Divinity and their Head Ad-Minister, :Ariki-nui-Kawenata: :Marsich-Crown:®©™ that serves huemanity in line with our Supreme Creator IO and our salvation and restoration plan.


iii) Advertise a service and [Covenant] your time out at an hourly rate. Your sweat equity [labour] is a human resource that can be exchanged for credits. If you have natural resources like land that is full of pine, totara or kauri trees, a quarry for aggregate, rock, cement, an orchard of fruit trees, organic gardens, livestock, poultry, etc. If you have capital resources like a fishing boat to fish, diving equipment to dive, a home to rent, a car to Uber, a delivery truck for logistics, a computer for Non-Government Foundation work then offer your resources now to get the exchange platform moving.


iv) To know that the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth gave dominion to man over all the resources and all the living creatures that move within and upon it. You were created as a creator to create, so the power is in your hands and not anyone else, regarding male and female. GOD Io nui Io is the only one that has Supreme Authority and ownership over all things who has entrusted authority to his Covenant Son, the Lion and KING of Yahudah, I-manu-el, [I AM EL] Emmanuel the incarnated spirit of Yahshua. In every life he has bled and died for the sins of man. The Alpha and Omega, the KING of kings, LORD of lords by born-rite and Royal Bloodlines of the Highest Divine Order of Prime Source and direct descendent by incarnated spirit/flesh, blood and bone of the late KING David (Rahiri) and Io nui Io, the real and true Son of GOD, Almighty.


v) To have faith, trust, loyalty, integrity and the willingness to participate in a global cooperative Non-Government Foundation alliance with Godzone Credit Exchange.


vi) To value ALL participants of this program, great or small, as the real intrinsic value to the exchange of products and services and realize that this platform provides accountability for all exchanges through Digit management and inventory control by agreement of all participating Sovereign-heir Members.


vii) To become Sovereign-heir Members of our Godzone Credit Exchange Private Society and affiliates abundance program that supports the exchange of true intrinsic value of products and services with Credit-Ether Current-see our private medium of exchange.


viii) To know that everyone has equal opportunity for future growth and development within this network based on their efforts without limitations.


ix) If you require cash for outside reasons, we expect your loyalty to remain with our affiliates like Syndicate 1000 Group and other platforms we direct you too that are in our cooperative alliance.


14.   Are we subject to taxes?

We are not Tax Agents and we do not provide insurance, investment or legal advice. However the Credit-Ether Current-see is our own private medium of exchange that we exchange within our own private system as a private association and private membership. We are a non-government foundation, philanthropic, huemanitarian, tax exempt orgaization and a community service that is decentralized and entirely segregated and separate of the current financial system. If we remain private and internal we are not subject to taxes. However, pay Caesar his tribute for the debt instruments (money) fiat currency and pay IO Matua his tribute on AURA Gold Light Credit-Ether.


15.   How do I redeem my Credit-Ether Current-see with the current Retail Outlets?

Our Credit Ether Current-see cannot be exchanged with retailers outside the system, unless the retail outlets, merchants and manufacturers are willing to accept our credit ether current-see, then we are talking. Alternatively invite them to join us to earn their business start-up pledge and upgrade Credits that can cover the weekly membership subscriptions and earn pay-it-forward credits of 50% from each sponsored member they personally introduced. When they invite their database of customers to join their network they are able to earn weekly credit residuals to be exchanged for real products and services in real time, now space. The benefits of joining us, offers them our database of customers with credit-ether, that are obliged to purchase goods and services on a weekly basis from the credit residuals they earn. Their customer database will create a universal basic income that will far exceed their wildest imaginations.


16.  Can I exchange valuable assets for Credit Ether Current-see to exchange in this System?

YES, we will exchange Credit Ether Current-see to redeem any privately-owned assets worth true intrinsic value in today's current society such as Bill of Exchanges and instruments of validated value, precious metals, precious stones, minerals, crypto-currencies, real estate house and land property, vehicles, planet natural resources, food, water, utilities, future technologies, white-ware and electronics, household effects, outdoor furniture, tools, redeemable service vouchers etc.

It is the Divine Will to honour the current real values that you currently hold to make an easy transition to this universal Godzone Credit Exchange private society’s exchanging platform and community Sovereign-heir Members support network. Please note that there will be a 1/10th or 10% tithe on all transfers, transactions, exchanges and Non-Government Foundation activity.


17.  Do I require technical support to operate my account?

The Godzone Credit Exchange has pre-set parameters and your account is owned and operated by you alone (unless you require Admin Support). The system is run by people, for the people and all transactions are automatically recorded in your e-wallet account in real-time. However, if you require a large transfer of digits to a user account, a request can be made direct to our Admin Support Team to establish a manual transaction.

We recommend that everyone reads the FAQ's, view video's and listen to audio’s and to the Avatar on each page it appears on and work with your teams, groups and syndicates of people to encourage one another to fine works and Learn As You Earn.

The Godzone Credit Exchange can be accessed by computer, tablet and any mobile phone device that has internet service connection and for those of you that do not possess these devices you can go to any local Library that offers the use of these free services or team up with people who own these devices.

The system requires integrity from its Sovereign-heir Members, and it is important to keep your password to your account private and confidential at all times. Please note that the Foundation reserves the right to suspend any account to remedy any unethical transaction or corrupt Non-Government Foundation activity, and to reinstate the account when remedied. (Costs may apply)


18.  Can I pay for my rent, electricity, telephone and other everyday living expenses with my digital credits?

At the initial early stages of building our Network the short answer is 'NO' as we deal in credit-ether current-see only and they are not for external use. However you can talk with your Landlord and other suppliers to introduce the exchange and once they join and offer their products and services and transition from money (Fiat Currency) to credit-ether and use our Time Banking Services for 100% Credits, then they will see benefits.

As a Non-Government Foundation we do not serve two masters. We choose our creditors credit exchange backed by GOD's infinite global value covenant over Mammon [Money] and their debt enslavement system and man-made Rothchild banking debt instruments of no real value, other than presumed value based Fiat (Fear-it) Currency.

As the Sovereign-heir Members increase in numbers and values are exchanged, we will have the bargaining power to give them an offer they can't refuse so to speak. We offer every stakeholder of their Non-Government Foundation, our pledge and upgrade 6 plan syndicate strategy to create Credit-Ether Current-see to exchange with us. We also offer 50 to 50,000 Digital Credits, Credit-Ether Current-see as ongoing weekly credit residuals from each NEW Sovereign-heir they refer to join and establish a Membership Plan. So this encourages them to introduce their customer database. This in-turn will create more Non-Government Foundations in the digital economy of a Cashless Society and make the Wheel Of Fortune even stronger.

In special circumstances, your own products and services can be exchanged for cash with Syndicate 1000 Groups ONLY, to accommodate property rental and utility bills initially and you will have the opportunity to encourage them to participate in the Godzone Credit Exchange to offer them better incentives. It will only be a matter of time for mind-sets to be changed and trust to be established.


19.  How do I get my referral Link?

You will need to login to your back-office by using the username or member ID and password you registered with. In your back-office homepage of the light blue top header bar you will find two [2] "referral links". One will be ending with your username and one will end with your Sovereign-heir Member ID number. Both these links can be shared with your friends via email, social media or sms text message. These 'referral links' go directly to the affiliation page where the sponsor ID replaces 'admin' to your 'username' or Sovereign-heir Member ID 'number', so that your referral is registered in your genealogy tree and direct uni-level front line that is your direct community support network.


20.  How do I pay for my ongoing weekly Sovereign-heir Members Plan / AD Plan and Tithing pledges?


Option 1

In your back-office login area below the light blue header bar containing your referral links you must ensure that the Auto Debit' Box is always checked. This allows your e-Wallet Account to be automatically debited from your positive credit balance.


Option 2

You can send a 'referral link' to invite new Sovereign-heir Members, sponsoring new people to the Sovereign-heir Member plans that rewards you with half 50% [50 to 50,000 Credits] of their weekly Sovereign-heir Members subscriptions to cover these costs and spend on products and services advertised on the exchanging platform. You will require (3) three New Sovereign-heir Members to break even on costs, so try to maintain the member obligations and you will earn a universal basic income. You will need to sponsor more people to create a [LOC] Line Of Credit to be exchanged for advertised products and services of other registered Sovereign-heir Members.


Option 3

You can top-up your account using a PayPal or Wise Bank transfer or make a Bitcoin [digital or virtual energy exchange value] wallet transfer or exchange your tangible assets and products for our Credit-Ether Current-see by contacting admin and our values team to value your items and credit your account with a fair and equitable exchanging value less a 10% Tithe.


Option 4

You can join Manpower Outsourcing Time Banking and exchange your time, energy, skills, talents and sweat equity labour service for 100% Credits with other Individual Affiliates or Non-Government Foundations.


21.  How do I change or reset my password to my back-office login?

If you are able to access your back-office login area, you can go to Account Settings on the left Sovereign-heir Menu and change your personal, Non-Government Foundation, business or basic information, including your password. If you are unable to access your account, then simply contact Admin Support to send you a reset password code to your email account. Copy the code and then go to the Distributor Login on the homepage of the website and insert the code into the password box, along with your username sponsor ID. Once you have opened your back-office, go to Account Settings and change the password. Please note that there will be an administration charge of 75 Credits (15 minutes minimum) to your e-wallet account for this service, so please store your username and password in a safe location.


22.  I have forgotten my username?

You can also login using your Sovereign-heir Member ID Number on the end of your 'referral link' or your email address.


23.  I didn't receive my Activation email to access my back-office and e-Wallet Account?

Firstly check your message inbox, spam, junk and trash folders for the email message and verification link from the GAIN Foundation. If they are empty you may contact Admin Support to check and send you an activation link or with proof of ID documentation the GAIN Foundation can approve you on the spot or you may have to re-register and complete the process again. Ensure before you correspond with ADMIN that you are a [FAM] Financially Active Member.


24.  What are the restrictions for the use of the credits?

The credits cannot be SOLD or exchanged for external currencies by any Sovereign-heir. All transfers are monitored and anyone caught doing the before will be suspended until remedied or terminated. Only Admin can exchange other currencies for credit ether current-see as the commodity is owned by IO Matua the Creator, the Covenant Son and the Holy Triune Spirit.


The credits cannot be used for any illegal, unlawful or criminal activity that may cause harm. They cannot be used for pecuniary gain, issuing loans, collecting usary interest, charging taxation, outside external or public use, or any other reason the GAIN Foundation feels is undesirable and in conflict with its objectives to build a more prosperous future and end poverty and oppression forever, remaining private, exclusive and decentralized.


25.  How can I trust that the credit exchange will be ongoing and around in the future?

This program was designed with forward planning. We have no need for physical offices as everyone has their own virtual office from a back-office, Sovereign-heir Members login area. Products and services that are exchanged peer to peer are automatically done due to parameter settings. Admin support can be done anywhere there is an internet connection. The guardians of the system work for the divine order. Managers manage their own down-line and are selected through a pledge ceremony on a promise to always conduct ethical Non-Government Foundation activity and maintain fiduciary responsibility to the people. A system run by the people for the people with no government or elite banking cartel control, ensuring we are a private, exclusive and decentralized system that will end poverty and oppression forever. The guardians recommend candidates and are directly responsible for their actions. As the Sovereign-heir numbers grow, so does the guardians who manage Admin support. As the years pass-by there will always be room for expansion, so the system will have longevity and will always be ongoing when Sovereign-heir Members maintain their annual Sovereign-heir subscriptions and admin fees. The pledge and upgrade syndicate plans secure the growth of the credit-ether current-see and the assets of exchange provide real, true intrinsic value to the system.


26.  What happens when I exchange values?

Currently the system is designed to provide a global reset and divine inheritance strategy to create Credit-Ether with a [CPI] capital pricing index based on the euro currency as a bench mark of presumed external value only. Whatever the market or registered value is at the time of exchange, will be given equal consideration of exchange in digital credits on the bench mark or CPI value less a 10% tithe.


We have our own internal assessor[s] to provide an agreed acceptance value of exchange. Internally the products and services can be exchanged for credit-ether current-see only, so any other currencies MUST be converted into Credit-Ether Current-see for exchange. Please note there will be a 1/10th or 10% tithe on all transfers, transactions, exchanges and Non-Government Foundation activity within our network. The divine inheritance of commissions and incentive rewards you have been gifted helps absorb these internal credit losses.

Please note that we have NOW started accepting blockchain crypto-currency [digital or virtual energy exchange value] of exchange and Admin can now exchange for the equivalent value in euro, less a 1/10th or 10% tithe. This exchange will be sent to an e-wallet account of your choosing and can be exchanged for products and services within the advertising network when available.


27.  Who is Manpower Outsourcing?

Manpower Outsourcing Time Banking can be found on Facebook or their own website. They can also be contacted by email. They promote the concept of Time Banking which is exchanging your time, energy, skills, talents and service for 100% Credits on the Godzone Credit Exchange product and service platform and affiliate referral program website. 


Manpower Outsourcing provides a service to individual affiliates and non-government foundations and their projects. They promote service providers skills to other affiliates and NGF Tenders for community projects. They also provide community involvement projects to volunteers and have an infinite credit-base for 100% Credit campaigns, working to improve the environment and well-being of huemanity. They are working on environment projects like [PIC] Project Iwi Clean-up, [CIP] Community Involvement Project, Marae Time, Elderly Help Campaign, Syndicate 1000 Group, Affordable Housing, Syndicate Housing International, Social Mix, Knight Patrol Services, Iwi Wardens, Peoples Protectorate, Hope Foundation, Sabbath Ministries, Community Watch and Youth Skills and much more.


28.  Is this the "Mark of the Beast?

Everyone has their view on this topic and we are transparent enough to discuss this. The simple answer is "NO" for the following reasons:


i) Our system is NOT attached to the main frame Rothchild created Global Financial System of Fiat [Debt] Money Currency with any ID Chip or Super Computer. We are completely separate of ALL Block-Chain tracking solutions for crypto-current-see [digital or virtual value], the World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve Bank, NESARA or GESARA, International Stock Markets, Banking Cartels, Military Control, the Elite Organizations of the World, Royals, Freemasonry or Illuminati, the European Union, Brexit or ANY other Association connected to Global Control, Debt Enslavement and Hueman Trafficking abuse. We are NOT a Religion [Mystery Babylon], we are a 'WAY' of life for living-sovereigns, free and Equal throughout the Galaxies.


ii) The Credits are gold-backed by the Au Gold Standard Authority of People with the divine spirit essence (mAUri) rather than precious metals/stones or assets and the authority is in the people’s hands approved by our Supreme Creator Io nui-Io GOD Almighty YAH. This makes People the main commodity and NOT precious metals/stones or assets earthed or unearthed, visible or invisible.


iii) We do NOT support tax, loans, usury interest, property taxes, council rates, fees, fines. Rather we have an internal 1/10 or 10% credit tithe on all exchanges that our Guardians Of Divinity, AD-minister. The Guardians Of Divinity are numerous throughout the Universe and are Good-Will Ambassadors bound by universal-lore/law of maxim of our Supreme Creator IO.


iv) We do charge an external gold-backed Fiat Money Currency amount for the annual administration costs to support the operation in general. [Mark 12:17] If the current financial treasury of the Universe is handed back to the Supreme Authority and only true GOD Almighty, the Credit System will be entirely FREE for its users. However, we have established the 6 pledge and upgrade syndicate plans, the pay-it-forward 50/50 membership plans and 50% commissions on listing and sales of real estate and business ventures that are gold-backed by the people’s syndicate and energy exchange.


v) The affiliate program is supported by a pre-set 'pay-it-forward' infrastructure to reward the direct sponsor or introducer of new members who have upgraded from the FREE Plan to the Platinum Membership Plan, that provides on-going, weekly, credit residuals. This encourages creativity and group activity [collective cooperatives] to form huemanitarian NGF's focused on improving living conditions on a universal scale.


vi) The Credit Inheritance System encourages a 'Sweat Equity' minimum payment structure. Failure to stick to the minimum payments for labour will result in account suspensions. Manpower Outsourcing can support NGF's to accomplish this task. Manpower-Outsourcing also belongs to the collective but is AD-Ministered by Ariki-nui Kawenata :Marsich-Crown:.


vii) The Credit System is designed to Zero-Balance the debt ledger of the Debt System of Fiat Money Currency and Debt Enslavement. Debt is Sin and Sin is Death. No longer are we bound by Debt, Sin and Death of the Spirit Sentient-being.


viii) Crime is NOT an option and will result in suspensions for timely remedy. Failure to remedy results in complete termination from this unique system and losses may occur. We are a peaceful association, self-governing and self-determining that encourages growth and development of creative solutions for all living-beings to co-exist within the Universe and its Galaxies.


ix) We encourage sharing among users to develop trusting, caring relations on a Universal scale to openly share knowledge that leads to abundance, peace and tranquility in a paradise Utopia that does NOT bring any harm to users or environment (fauna and flora), whether in or on sea, land, air or universal space of the NOW Time, NOW Space. Our Credits are infinite and eternal to those who sow the seeds. So the need for greed is NO longer.


29.  What process deals with Complaints and Remedy?

If you have been harmed or wronged in any validated exchange, a process of complaint and remedy is as follows:


i) First try and settle differences in harmony to avoid ill feelings and personal injury.


ii) Send your validated claim with supported evidence of wrong doing to ADMIN.


iii) Within 24-48 Hours a remedy action will be provided by reversing any credit transaction based on supported evidence.


iv) If a claim proves fraudulent, the claimant will have their account[s] suspended for [30] days for remedy, with a [3] strikes you’re out rule which means permanent termination of the exchange system.


v) As a remedy for your abuse, your profile will be advertised on home page under promotions as a trader in bad standing.


30.  What about delivery of items that are exchanged?

Some products exchanged on the exchanging platform may NOT include delivery, therefore ALL packaging, handling, postage, courier, cartage, freight, shipping, airmail etc; is an extra charge and may require you to arrange a conventional payment method with the exchanger you exchanged the items with. To assist with external delivery costs, join our fiat and credit-ether current-see [digital or virtual energy exchange value] providers. Join Syndicate 1000 Group.


31.  I have clicked on an advertisement that I want to purchase but how do I complete the sale?

When you purchase the item it will be added to your Cart. You will need to click on your Cart items at the top right of your screen just above the social media icons, then click on Checkout, then check the e-Wallet Balance and continue to purchase the item[s]. Remember you must always login to your account using your username member ID and password when wanting to purchase or exchange any items or do any Non-Government Foundation activity within the network.


32.  When can I start exchanging my Credit-Ether Current-see Digital Value?

Once you have paid your external Fiat Currency subscription and upgraded to a credit plan you have selected and have sponsored 10 or more New Exchange Partner Sovereign-heir Members within the first month of joining and add 1 New Member each month thereafter, and verified and validated your person with supporting documentation, you will receive your start-up inheritance credit-ether to support your bronze to platinum 50/50 universal basic income and the 6 pledge and upgrade syndicate plans to transition. You will need to activate your AD Plan Membership to list Unlimited Items, then you can start exchanging. Please note that you can immediately exchange your time, energy, skills, talents and services for Credit-Ether Current-see. Check out Manpower Outsourcing Time Banking who is exchanging your time, energy, skills and service for 100% Credits NOW... so we suggest becoming a Time Bank Service Provider.


33.  How do I list my products and services and purchase other items?

You need to login to your back-office with your username sponsor ID or Member ID or email address and password, click on My Ads, and then choose the Platinum AD Plan if not already done by Admin.


Click on Create New Ad and complete the Advertisement. The advertisement will need to be approved before it goes live. Please ensure your advertised products and services do not cause harm or are illegal or unlawful. Foundations [Merchants] can use the advertising platform to list both products and services. They can also use the Manpower-Outsourcing Foundations time verses credits, paid volunteers service and the affiliate referral program.


If you want to purchase an item from the Godzone Credit Exchange, you will need to login to your back office using your username sponsor ID and password, go to the top Tabs Bar and click on ADS and then select and open the item you wish to purchase. Click on Add to Cart to purchase the item and then go to the top right of the panel and click on Your Cart items. Select the quantity of items you want [if any] and go to Checkout. Select e-wallet and then continue. You can then contact the seller to arrange delivery or pick-up of your item[s]. Please note items may incur a delivery cost or postal services. It is advised to exchange local first before going national and international to avoid these charges and resort to pick-ups instead.

To create more sales, you may require a promotional listing on the home page or featured AD listings to give you better Foundation exposure and brand awareness. The ADS are simple and require your correct description and specific information of the item(s) being listed.

Please remember to keep your AD Plan current by checking the box provided.


34.  Is this a Pyramid?

NO we are NOT a Pyramid. You benefit from the Sovereign-heir Members subscriptions you sponsor personally and NO other levels. This is an affiliate referral program where the Foundation allows you to be rewarded for your effort with a 50% Share of the Paid Subscription Plans of Sovereign-heir Members weekly credit subscriptions of those who you personally and directly sponsor. The GAIN infrastructure has been purposely built for affiliate marketing and creating a universal basic income through preset parameters of a pay-it-forward, support network of sponsorship shares.


35.  Do I need to sell any products?

We encourage all Sovereign-heir Members to upgrade to a [NGF] Non-Government Foundation to list and sell their own or excess products and services they have recently purchased to build up their Digit, Credit-Ether Current-see score or [LOC] line of credit.


Becoming a Drop-Ship Re-seller will increase your chances to build your digital credits by promoting and exchanging wholesale supplier’s goods for retail value. All you need to do is advertise their products or service for exchange and they take care of the rest.


We have also recently forged an alliance with Manpower Outsourcing Time Banking Project where your time, energy, skills, talents and service can be exchanged for 100% Credits at three levels:


a) Bronze Unskilled Labour = 50 Credits an Hour

b) Silver Skilled Labour = 100 Credits an Hour 

c) Gold Professional Labour = 200 Credits an Hour


Please note that this is for services offered and rendered and may not include materials or equipment and delivery charges. The above rates are the minimum charge-out credit-ether current-see for energy exchange, provided you commit 10 Hours of Voluntary Community Service each week. If you choose NOT to commit to the Voluntary Community Service, you will ONLY receive half the hourly rates above.


36.  How fast can I get started after I sign up?

Once you have registered to create an account, there is an approval and acceptance process within 24-48 hours. You must ensure your Wise or PayPal subscription has been made for the use of the platform.


You can start on the internal infrastructure FREE Plan to get started. You are required to validate and verify your email address before you can login in. Remember to check your inbox, spam, junk and trash folders for our message with your verification email link. If you cannot find it, contact Admin and we will approve your account within a few hours HERE.


After approval simply login to your back-office account using your username member I.D and password and then complete your personal and Business/Non-Government Foundation information to open your account. If you do not have a Business, simply place a (0) in all the boxes with an (*).


Using a mobile phone or digital camera, take photos and upload the information below to your back-office account settings, basic information page, using the upload feature. You can upload up to 5 Photo images.


Upload the following:




i) 1 x Current Photo of your True likeness holding your photo ID at the side of your face. Refer to image.


ii) 1 x Certified True Copy of your Birth Certificate/Born Live Record.


iii) 1 x Photo ID – Driver’s License or Passport [or both].


iv) 1 x Proof of Current Address that matches your Profile Information. [Utilities Bill, Bank Statement etc]


v) 1 x Character Reference for Trusted Trader/Exchanger.


By uploading the above information, deems you a TRUSTED PARTNER for exchange. Only Sovereign-heir Members can see whether you have validated your account and they MUST be logged-in to their back-office to see this information.


PAY your weekly administration subscription and your one-time set-up pledge, and you’re ready to go. Please note that the set-up of your Non-Government Foundation MUST be done first and this has an upfront cost to be established, CLICK HERE. This MUST be done before you will receive your Non-Government Foundation start-up Credit-Euro Current-see from any pledge and upgrade plans or membership pay-it-forward plans and be recognized as a Trusted Exchanging Partner.


Your FREE Sovereign-heir Members Plan allows you to start introducing other new Sovereign-heir Members to this opportunity by sending them your very own private referral link found in your back-office in the top blue header bar, to their email address to direct them to the main website to register at https://gain2unetwork.com/ and complete the information necessary to create an account. Remember to inform them to change the Sponsor ID to YOUR username member I.D and choose the FREE Plan to get started.


You must ensure the Sovereign-heir Members you sponsor are [FAM] Financially Active Members who have upgraded from the Bronze Plan to the Platinum Plan and personally introduced (10) Ten or more New Members within the first month of joining and (1) One New Member each month thereafter.


It is paramount that you get to know your support network and ensure they meet the membership obligations in a timely manner. All referrals that you sponsor are deemed to be private or personal introductions. If an unknown person, registers through your referral link, you are responsible to engage with them to ensure they are of good character. This is to ensure the system has integrity.




Transitioning out of corpus juris Military Law of Uniform Commercial Code and to return back to the Holy Scripture Laws written on stone, Laws of Maxim (God’s Laws), and higher LORE of manifesting Energy. Sui juris for de jure Sovereignty of Suverän Authority for self-management, self-determination, self-governance in alliance with "The World of Love Governance" and its infrastructure, for one-self to maintain order and to be accountable and responsible for one-selfs own actions.

THE LIE - The switch from Laws of Maxim to Legal Maxim.

The British Empire and American Imperialism of the United States, being two birds of a feather that flock together. The Scottish and York rite,  illuminati and freemasonry era of the stone masons, and the rise of State and Re-LIE-gions of the daughters of the Harlot, Roman Catholic Church and Jesuit kabbalah. A Banking Cartel and Organized Crime Syndicate, going back into ancient times of the Amalekites up to the modern-day Ashkenazi Jews, that have infiltrated the World’s Political Order of building Corporate Governments, with election fraud and paying lobbyists for many millennia. The United Nations and European Union, and the rise of the World Economic Forum, all being linked to the Cabal with a political agenda to create a New World Order Corporation takeover with English Law of Commerce and Postal Union Shipping Lanes over the Ether. Law is contract and contract is law. It ALL hinges on military LAW, the deception of legal statutes, acts, rules, regulations, legislations and uniform commercial codes of a fictitious LIE of fiction LAW called Legal Maxim. He who fails to assert his rights, has none!

THE AWAKENING - Legal is NOT lawful. 

Legalese language of spelling (spell-binding, spell-casting) for commerce. Traffic-King Goods and Services, including Hue-mans for the Slave Trade, across the vast open etheric realms of the sea of space. Where the Lost at Sea, Dead Entiy Serfs (Slaves) of the fictitious Strawman Birth Certificate fraud, and (SIN) Secure Identification Number, and (TIN) Tax Identification Number, and the Sign-a-ture (Sign into Law) INK Corpration (Person) to Contract is Law and Law is Contract. Sign on the dotted line please Dorothy. Follow the yellow brick road (Gold BRICS) with the Lion who lost its courage. Off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz (Ounce weight).


It is (Fiction, a LIE) fictitious, paper policy enforcement, uniform commercial code in military laws of land, air, water and space, army air-force, navy and space-force under a world of martial laws. The Beast of the Sea - Admiralty Maritime Law of the Sea and The Beast of the Land – Common Law, Rule of Law, Law of the Land are the two Beasts of Revelation Chapter 13.


It is paramount that our members return back to the HOUSE of Origin and LORE of Energy. What you put out, must return back to you one thousand-fold. Good things manifest heaven, and Evil things manifest hell, so to speak. Laws of Maxim are Holy Scriptures written on stone (God’s Laws). These laws cannot be changed. They are fixed on a ROCK-Solid Foundation, built on the Corner Stone of the very fabric and DNA genome code of the living Eternal God of Life. They are our un-lienable, god-given rites (solemn practice or conventional act) in Covenant with IO Supreme, Almighty God YAHUAH Most High.

Our systems and infrastructure are built on the ancient practices of LORE, and the energy exchange of our members.




Happy exchanging!










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