What is a Non Government Foundation (NGF)?

To put it simply, it is an alternative business option, outside of the Government System that we all live in today. It's the opposite of a business. It is an unincorporated foundation in God's Kingdom, exempt from Tax and Government levies. It is lawful. It is real. It is Humanitarian. It is Philanthropic. It is a Community Service.  It is not part of the Government System.

What is the benefit of an NGF?

It's outside of the Government System and lawful. It's Tax Exempt. Your not governed by the Government Entities. You will learn how to operate with your goods and services and also exchange credit with other NGF's. You will come out of debt and clear your debt ledger with credit-euro current-see (energy exchange). You will learn to Thrive and no longer just Survive. You will simply exchange goods and services with your inheritance through the pay-it-forward credit-euro pledge and upgrade syndicate plans and weekly 50/50 membership subscription plans. God will release to you your Credit, in exchange for setting up your NGF in his Kingdom and learning to exchange with other NGF's. It's very simple and easy to grasp. You will be affiliated with Aotearoha Kawanatanga (World of Love Governance) where by all other foundations can access the database and exchange goods and services.

What's the purpose of an NGF?

It is Private, It's not government, It's for individuals, family, unincorporated businesses and community organizations to Thrive for philanthropic means (promote the welfare of others; generous and benevolent). Its all about Love, Peace & Charity. It's sole purpose is to collect contributions (donations, koha, gifts) and sustain you and your family first, then local community next, then the wider community and territory.

You sustain yourself and your participants by paying for out of pocket expenses (food, clothing, lodging, petrol, phone and any other living expenses) in a philanthropic manner. You engage in benevolent activities to make the world a better place and help humanity and environment. You work with other NGF's in a working cooperative alliance.

Managing your NGF day to day.

You will have full control of the financial affairs inside your NGF. You will learn that your NGF complies with the taxation guide as a charitable organization with tax exempt & self assessing status, whereby you are not required to submit tax returns. You will be able to do business with whoever you like using both systems (Money and Credit). You can make agreements with individuals to become paid volunteers as opposed to staff. This way you don't have PAYG, Tax and Superannuation. You don't charge GST as you are no longer in the system. You self-regulate & keep accounting records. You have total freedom in your financial activities when running your NGF. 

NGF Protected under International Law

An NGF is protected under international law. This concession was fomented under the Bretton Woods agreement and is protected by the Geneva convention to protect people who decidedly wanted to remain private and not be compelled to contract with a hostile state. It’s just like forming your own club or society and a simple edict like “two or more people forming a compact agreement are equal in rights”.

NGF Protected in Nature

By not signing into the Government, you are protected and not compelled to do anything with them. Your NGF is Private, and upon creating your articles of association, the participants are equal in their shared responsibilities and or rights as agreed upon. 

Everything you do is humanitarian

Clearly define your intent so that the Government and its entities do not involve themselves in your NGF. You are Humanitarian and a Community Service. The tax office does not want to contract with you, so don't send them anything to do with NGF. You are not registered with them. If you do, then you will have to bare the consequences of your actions. Under international law people of the first nations are not to be interfered with. Your rights are protected by God and Internationally, unless you agree to give up these rights for privileges and submit to Government rule. Please refer to UNDRIP.

Principals of operating your NGF

Your Articles of Association set out the general purpose & activities of the foundation. They outline your services and goods to the community. Being a private foundation, non-government, you are not registered or trademarked in their systems but choose to affiliate in God's Kingdom systems under universal lore/law. Choose a name that best expresses your intention for your service and purpose of your NGF.

What about my old business?

You can set up an NGF and transition from your old business out of the system and into your new NGF in God's Kingdom. 

Cost for setting up your Non Government Foundation (NGF)

€368 Euro Dollars - Annual Fee or €35 Euro Dollars a month. One year in Advance.










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 Template: Articles of Association & Minutes for your NGF
Template: Blank Statement for Tax Exemption
Template: Statement for Services
Template: Contractor Agreement 
Template: Non Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement for participants 
Information: What is an NGF?  
Information: How to run an NGF
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