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So you have your Non Government Foundation and you are waiting for approval and credits, so you too can join in on the exciting new paradigm of cash and credit in God’s Kingdom.

Step 1. At the bottom of the screen complete the ‘Open Your New Credit Exchange Account Here’

Step 2. Validate and verify your email address before you can login in.

Step 3. After approval simply login to your back-office account, choosing either your username, member ID number or email address and then your password to complete your Personal and Foundation information. Select Free Plan Only.

Step 4. Using a mobile phone or digital camera, take clear photos and upload the information below to your back-office, account settings, basic information, using the upload feature. You can upload up to 5 Photo images. Upload the following:

  1. 1 x Current Photo of your True likeness holding your photo ID at the side of your face.
  2. 1 x Certified True Copy of your Birth Certificate. 
  3. 1 x Photo ID - Drivers Licence or Passport (or both).
  4. 1 x Proof of Current Address that matches your Profile Information. (Utilities Bill, Bank Statement etc)



Step 5. Complete the verification process.

Step 6. When the above is complete you will receive 10 Million Credits less the 10% tithe, divine inheritance credits of $9,000,000 in your e-wallet account ready to exchange for products, goods and services with other NGF Affiliates.


Spending God’s Credits

You can start using your Credit by simply going to ADS on your main menu.

Please Note: Your credit can only be used for exchange of goods and services with other Non Government Foundations (NGF’s) within the Credit Exchange Arena. The Credits are not for external use outside of God’s Kingdom as he didn’t give you your inheritance to spend in the government system. Encouraging other individuals to get involved and set up their NGF and start exchanging is the best way to create a healthy exchange & barter of thousands of goods and services, of which you are the beneficiary. It is your time to learn the new way of thriving with God’s Divine Credit that you have now inherited, as it is your birth right. 


Earn More Credits with our Affiliate Rewards 


We reward affiliates for introducing new affiliates to the program as new affiliates will attract Credits.  We encourage you to spread the word and introduce new affiliates to expand our goods and services options for all affiliates and to increase your own credits with each new affiliate you personally sponsor.

Platinum Affiliates

Platinum Affiliates are those that actively bring in 10 or more New Memberships within the first month of joining. They receive the business start-up of 10 Million Credits to kick-start your Non Government Foundation, Business. You can become a Platinum Affiliate by just doing the same.

Earn 50,000 Credits a Week

You can get 50,000 Credits each week from every member you personally introduced to NGF and Credit Exchange.












Open Your New Credit Exchange Account Here


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