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 Donate €1,000 within the first month of registration and become a VIP Lifetime Member.

 FREE access to heavily discounted wholesale drop-ship Supplier.


Once you have registered to create an account, there is an approval and acceptance process within 24 - 48 hours. You are required to validate and verify your email address before you can login in. After approval simply login to your back-office account, choosing either your username, member ID number or email address and then your password to complete your personal and business information. Using a mobile phone or digital camera, take clear photos and upload the information below to your back-office, account settings, basic information, using the upload feature. You can upload up to 5 Photo images.

When you have completed the verification process, paid your annual administration subscription which is your donation and have sponsored your first 10 or more NEW Trading Partners within the first month of joining your 10 Million Digital Credits will be credited to your account, less the 10% tithe. 

Members are required when joining to pay a monthly administration subscription of €20 Euro Dollars plus GST (New Zealand Residents ONLY), being one year in advance, to qualify as a Trusted Trading Partner. Unpaid or in-active accounts will always be removed from the platform so verified members values remain intact. Subscriptions cover general running costs, admin costs, e-wallet maintenance, qualify for a business start-up, software updates, web development, programming, virtual office, internet services, server and cloud storage, repairs and maintenance, sales and marketing promotions, domain and hosting plans etc. Payments can be made through PayPal, Direct Bank Wire, endorsed Bank Cheque or a Bitcoin e-wallet transfer.


Upload the following:

1 x Current Photo of your True likeness holding 2 forms of ID each side of your face.

1 x Certified True Copy of your Birth Certificate. 

1 x Photo ID - Drivers Licence or Passport (or both).

1 x Proof of Current Address that matches your Profile Information. (Ultilities Bill, Bank Statement etc)



Becoming a Trusted Trading Partner

To be recognized as a "Trusted Trading Partner", all members are required to verify their email and complete their personal and business information, pay a monthly administration subscription, being one year in advance, upload the (4) documents above to verify their True Identity that matches their complete and correct members profile and Sponsor 10 or more New Memberships who upgrade to platinum within the first month of joining. Only Trusted Trading Partners can receive the business start-up of 10 Million Digital Credits to kick-start their Trading Business.


CRITERIA for the Platinum Plan and the divine inheritance:

Must be a (FAM) Financially Active Member that has paid the Admin Fee of €240 Euro, One Year in advance and have subscribed to the €20 Euro Monthly payment plan thereafter or become a VIP lifetime member by donating €1,000 within the first month of registration.

Complete your personal and business profiles with correct and accurate details and remain up-to-date at all times.

Must have Sponsored 10 plus New Memberships that are (FAM) Financially Active Members within the first month of joining and 1 New Member each month thereafter..

Must have uploaded your documentation to verify and validate your true indentity.

When the above is complete you will receive 10 Million Digital Credits less the 1/10th or 10% tithe, divine inheritance credits of $9,000,000 in your e-wallet account ready to exchange for products and services with other registered and qualified Trusted Trading Partners and be upgraded to the Platinum Plan to receive 50,000 Credits each week from the members personally introduced that have also upgraded to the Platinum Plan.



1. Complete your Personal and Business profiles.

2. Upload the documentation that verifies your identity.

3. Sponsor 10 or more New Memberships.

3. Pay your ADMIN fee.





Swift Code: ANZBNZ22








Make Payment HERE: 123wbaFVyrboNFvhpSgoE1YM8CntkeDAsW

Please add 15% GST to your payment (New Zealand Residents ONLY) = €276 Per Year.

Description Reference: Username and Member ID Number.

We recommend 2 years in Advance and 1 year thereafter. 

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Donate €1,000 within the first month of registration and become a VIP Lifetime Member.
FREE access to heavily discounted wholesale drop-ship Supplier.



Select the 1 Month FREE Plan ONLY when you register. Only ADMIN can upgrade you when you meet criteria. ADMIN will approve you within 24-48 hours, so return to the homepage to login using your username sponsor I.D and password you used to join, to get started. Please remember to verify your email address by clicking on the link in the email message we sent you by checking your inbox, spam and junk folders. 

Also withdrawals are only for internal use ONLY and transfers less 1/10th or 10% tithe will be deposited into the e-wallet account(s) of your choosing. The credits are NOT for external use outside of this platform. We wish our Private Contract Association, Private Society using our Private medium of exchange to remain private, exclusive and decentralized for our private members to remain in our own jurisdiction under the divine order of Supreme I'O GOD Almighty Father our (USA) Universal Sovereign Authority.

When a transfer is made we don't know where is came from until you contact us to let us know what account username to put it in. We will need the username, members number or email address of the account the transfer is going into. Plus the TBC Wallet Address the transfer came from to cross reference and the amount of the transfer in euro ONLY. The before will be checked by our Admin and the transfer will be made when the information is confirmed. Please be patient as the process can take up to 72 Hours (3-Days) to verify your account details.

If you are exhanging TBC Kringle Cash for Crypto-Credits, we will provide the balance in euro that is equivalent to the current currency calculator balance less a 1/10th or 10% tithe. All transfers, transactions, exchanges and business activity will incur the 1/10th or 10% tithe. The minimum exchange of TBC Kringle Cash is 1,000,000 Kringle or 1 TBC Coin which means 100,000 Kringle will be a 1/10 or 10% tithe. The divine inheritance gift you receive helps absorb these losses. Anything under this amount will be considered a donation. Thank you for your support. You will aslo be upgraded to the Membership and AD, Platinum Plans by Admin, so it is important to meet the above criteria as soon as possible.

Please notify us on our company facebook account HERE or contact the Head Admin HERE. We have noticed that some of your emails have been going to our spam folder that causes them to be overlooked. By contacting us when you deposit your TBC Kringle Cash assures fast response.


Happy Trading!




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