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New Members  :   Faith Heke, David Bodway, Suganya Periyasamy, Bhaskar Ravi, Bhaveshbhai Patel, Dinesh Dharamdasani, Stephanie Smith, Stephanie Smith, Paul Bankole, IREDAYO IREYIMIKA,


IN PRIVATE de jure



Welcome to Godzone Credit Exchange


You have been invited to our Godzone Credit Exchange as you are now ready to receive your inheritance from God in credits.

There is a weekly €5 Euro Dollars on-going contribution.
Right now, every PAID New Affiliate is receiving credit-euro current-see
(less the 10% tithing)
You are required to sponsor 10 (Ten) New Members within the first month of joining and 1 (One) New Member each month thereafter.

Please Note: Your Account will remain 'NOT QUALIFIED' until you have establshed your ongoing weekly subscription.

Credit-Euro is received from the internal pledge & upgrade program.

Free Plan = 0 Credit-Euro to receive 0 Credit-Euro
Bronze Plan = 100 Credit-Euro to receive 50 Credit-Euro
Silver Plan = 1,000 Credit-Euro to receive 500 Credit-Euro
Gold Plan = 10,000 Credit-Euro to receive 5,000 Credit-Euro
Platinum Plan = 100,000 Credit-Euro to receive 50,000 Credit-Euro


Your opportunity to exchange & barter with your credit-euro on the Global Advertising Internet Network Platform throughout the Four Corners of the Universal Realm is only clicks away.

You have entered into a new way of life. The GAIN2U Network is a Non Government Foundation in association with the Godzone Credit Exchange, Pay-It-Forward Solution. This platform is able to offer you the full benefits that life has to offer, only with credit-euro, as opposed to using debt instruments, zero-balancing the debt ledger. You can exchange your Labour or Service immediately for credit-euro and through good will and integrity you can barter your own private goods and services.


The value and inheritance in the Credit Exchange is upheld by the Global Covenant of IO for Infinite Value supported by the pledge and upgrade syndicate program.


What is required with Credit Exchange is truth and honesty when exchanging goods and services with other NGF’s.  You must fulfil your obligation to ensure the goods are sent in a timely manner and that your service is professional at all times.

As an affiliate you are regarded as a free sovereign being, exchanging your energy, time and resource, bound only by rules of engagement, being our terms which include the frequently asked questions.
Referrals – All referrals will earn you 50% in affiliate subscriptions from the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans, which you can spend on goods and services instantly.
NGF's can use the ‘We Accept Credit Exchange’ once you have completed your NGF forms and submitted them to Te Whare Matamuatanga o IO Aotearoha Kawanatanga.

Click on the link below to learn more about the Godzone Credit Exchange and the GAIN2U Network.













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