POSTED ON 28/07/2019

We have two new 10 Million Credit Club Affiliates. They received their credits and are now creating more Non Government Foundations for their community. Are you the next?


POSTED ON 28/07/2019

By learning about your NGF and teaching another, you have introduced abundance into your life by just sharing your experience. This is all God is asking in return, “Is that you share your knowledge and experience of NGF & Credit Exchange with another”.

By sharing, you get credits in your account immediately. You are able to exchange more goods and services. Now you are free to create another NGF and new great community services for other that bring abundance to your family and another. And that my friend, is ‘Godzone Credit Exchange’.


POSTED ON 28/07/2019

No More Nitz

No More Nitz is the only Head Lice Removal Specialist in Sydney Australia, that can Guarantee 100% Head Lice Removal in One treatment. “Visit us ONCE, and experience a quality service that is like no other.”

Why are they No# 1 in Head Lice Treatment in Australia? Because they do what they say, Everyday! Their Service is Guaranteed. All done in 1 treatment, 2 hours, 1 sitting. Head Lice is all they do! They are the only specialist in the field.


Operating a for 10 years. Affiliated as Tino Rangatiratanga Foundation.

Information: Salon, 114 Harris Street, Parramatta NSW Australia P: +61 2 9893 8441 www.nomorenitz.com.au


POSTED ON 28/07/2019

Reduce Your Mortgage Today

We are Mortgage Reduction Specialists that have been helping many families and individuals save thousands in interest charges. Our affiliated mortgage assessors have a proven, successful system, we believe they have what it takes to change the world's economy and assist our clients to become financially independent much sooner. With so many banks, lenders and masses of often confusing advice and information out there, getting into your own home can be a daunting, difficult and time-consuming experience.

Go to http://cfiltd.weebly.com/ Complete the application form: Email it to: cfiltd@protonmail.com


POSTED ON 08/09/2016

To get started we need ALL Exchanging Partner Members to list any UNWANTED items they may have laying around the house or garage. Remember someones Rubbish is always someones Treasure.

Please note that exchange is done in good faith. For any BUSINESSES offering a SERVICE in exchange for Digital Credits is a good start. If you are listing any products, please ensure that any manufacturers or suppliers are members too, so all may beneifit from Digital X Change.

Happy Exchanging!

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