The Godzone Credit Exchange seeks Trading Partners to join and offers a Non-Government Foundation start-up credit-euro less 10% Tithe from a pledge and upgrade program to trade when a Sovereign-heir  has sponsored 10 or more New Trade Partner Sovereign-heirs within the first month of joining and add 1 New Trading Partner each month thereafter.


It offers unlimited Advertising in exchange for a 10% tithe on all items exchanged, provides an administration back-office e-wallet account management system 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a Week and Admin Support on Sunday to Thursday, 10am to 2pm except Shabbat Friday/Saturday, New Zealand Time. All Non-Government Foundation activity is recorded for book keeping purposes and is done online from your back-office, anywhere in the world from a computer, mobile phone or tablet that has internet access.


The Godzone Credit Exchange has a pay it forward gifting program that donates 50% of personally introduced trading partner Sovereign-heirs subscriptions to Sovereign-heirs who participate in the affiliate referral marketing program.


ALL Sovereign-heirs are required to support Non-Government Foundation advertisers by spending their weekly donations on purchasing products and services. This establishes compulsory universal trade that boosts the economy into overdrive and supports all Sovereign-heirs and their lifestyles.


Sovereign-heirs will progress to Interdependent Non-Government Foundation Owners and start advertising their own (idle capacity) unused personal items or Non-Government Foundation  products and services. Sovereign-heirs can also offer for resale their excess products and services they have accumulated to increase their Personal Digits.


Sovereign-heirs, Non-Government Foundation Owners, Manufacturers and Supplier will ALL become active participants with trading their products and services with our Global Sovereign-heirs Support Network.


Before anyone can participate with this program, they will need to verify their accounts by uploading to their back-office, account settings, basic information upload feature a Certified True Copy of their Birth Certificate, a Photo ID like a Licence or Passport, Proof of Current Address and a Photo of their True likeness holding their ID and Address Card. 


ALL Non-Government Foundation  conducted within the Godzone Credit Exchange Sovereign-heirs Support Network MUST be honourable and ethical in ALL aspects to ensure a viable Non-Government Foundation of equal opportunity for ALL participants.    


The number one objective of the Godzone Credit Exchange is to always work on increasing (PD) Personal Digits so that you can always participate within the program of exchanging products and services, locally, nationally and internationally. 














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