You have made it to God’s Credit Exchange. You are a true believer in working together with others as a collective to create conscious communities that ‘Thrive and not just Survive’.

“We Welcome you aboard our Ark.”

What God has created for us all is a peaceful, loving, productive abundant way for us all to co-exist. He named it Godzone Credit Exchange. It is yours to learn, to benefit from and to teach others so that you too can exchange with your friends (affiliates).

We are an organic global community of cooperating Non-Government Foundations (NGF), exchanging together, everyday with our products and services with God’s Credit.


NGF – The Bridge

It’s as simple as setting up your NGF, learning how to operate your community service in the current system (supported with cash), while bridging the gap with your NGF in Credit Exchange (supported with God’s Credit). You have the best of both worlds, and God is happy that you worked it out and that you are here.



Generate Abundance

By learning about your NGF and teaching another, you have introduced abundance into your life by just sharing your experience. This is all God is asking in return, “Is that you share your knowledge and experience of NGF & Credit Exchange with another”.

By sharing, you get credit-euro through our pledge and upgrade programs in your account after 6 levels of infrastructure. You are able to exchange more goods and services. Now you are free to create another NGF and new great community services for others that bring abundance to your family and another. And that my friend, is ‘Godzone Credit Exchange’.



Exchange your Goods and Services


So you have created a ‘Lemongrass Scented Candle’ that you wish to share with the Credit Exchange community and exchange for either goods, services or credit.

Step 1. Go to Ads

Step 2. Manage Ads

Step 3. Create your Ad

  1. Name of your product
  2. Category
  3. Price
  4. Add Picture (High Quality Image)
  5. Description
  6. Include the Shipping cost into the price
  7. Describe the method of shipping
  8. Write your Return Policy


Step 4. List it

Step 5. It is Done. (All Ads need Admin approval)



Credit Exchange Benefits

Godzone Credit Exchange is Private and Exclusive for all Sovereign-heirs and all Non-Government Foundations. It can all be done in the private comforts of your own home with internet or a phone.



Greater Benefits & Rewards

Refer new individuals to join Godzone Credit Exchange by getting an NGF and adding their goods and services. You will receive weekly credits of 50 to 50,000 every week for every new affiliate you personally introduce.



(IBO) Independent Business Owner

If you are highly driven and entrepreneurial, challenge yourself to enrol 10 new affiliates in the first month and 1 new affiliate each month thereafter and we will reward you Credit-Euro less 10% tithe in your account from the pledge and upgrade programs. You will have a new lease on life and spending will never be so easy.



Database of NGF

Meet your Global NGF Community and start exchanging today

Shopping online begins at home





The Economic Credit Exchange System























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