1.  Who is GAIN?


GAIN is abbreviated for Global Advertising Internet Network (LTD) a registered advertising, sales and marketing company since 26th January 2012. This system was divinely inspired of GOD Almighty AbbaYAH our IO, Creator of ALL Creation. It offers an online shopping and trading platform from an administration back-office, e-wallet account management system that promotes products and services and builds a community support network of trading partners in an affiliate referral program to a global marketplace, tracking all business trading activity for record and book keeping purposes. GOD's plan for salvation is a jigsaw puzzle that comprises of many pieces that collectively ensures a better future for mankind. Creating unified trade relationships and building a utopia money free environment, free of taxes, loans, interest and crime to end poverty and oppression forever.


GAIN 2U NETWORK GODZONE Credit Exchange is a private and exclusive 24/7 online business and consumer pay it forward, referral shopping network designed to create value for individual members who sponsor new trade partner relationships through an affiliate referral program that rewards the sponsor a 50% share of the 100,000 Credit, platinum membership subscriptions of all new members they personally introduce. This enables all members to receive regular weekly contributions to support Business advertisers with product and service exchanges within the classified advertising network. The trading system uses digital credits (€) Credit Euro, where no cash, money or fiat currency is used to exchange for products and services, except for the monthly recurring administration donation subscription of €20 Euro Dollars that covers all incidental operation costs. The digits are simply used to track all business activity within a private capacity as a record keeping facility for book keeping and accounting purposes only. The credits become valuable when exchanged for true intrinsic worth on resources (products) or sweat equity (labour), so it is important to trade goods and services. When used in the correct manner the trading platform will prove to be a future commodity.


2. What is the Universal Cooperative Business Alliance?


The Universal Cooperative Business Alliance is ALL the active (IBO) Independent Business Owners (Trading Partners) that trade products and/or services within the community support network. They form part of the cooperative business alliance that together everyone achieves more (TEAM) with one objective and that is to trade on a multi-universal scale under our fair and free trade terms in a private and exclusive membership support network. By joining and becoming a member you agree with other registered members that the value of the system increases in value by the number of members who upgrade to a platinum membership subscription and the intrinsic value of bartering products and services that are exchanged for our (€) Credit Euro crypto-currency.  You also agree that the value of one credit has a bench mark value of one € Euro Dollar to set the pricing index of the system.


3. How much does it cost to join?


Members are required when joining to pay an external monthly administration donation subscription of €20 Euro Dollars plus GST, being one year in advance, to qualify as a Trusted Trading Partner. Unpaid or in-active accounts will always be removed from the platform so verified member’s values remain intact. 


Monthly subscriptions cover general running and admin costs, e-wallet maintenance, qualify for a business start-up, software updates, web development, programming, virtual office, internet services, server and cloud storage, repairs and maintenance, sales and marketing promotions, domain and hosting plans etc. 


Payments can be made through PayPal Online, Direct Bank Wire, endorsed Bank Cheque or a Bitcoin and TBC e-wallet transfer.


To become a Trusted Trading Partner


To be recognized as a "Trusted Trading Partner", all members are required to pay a monthly administration donation subscription of €20 Euro Dollars plus GST in fiat or crypto-currency, being one year in advance, upload (4) documents to verify their true Identity that matches their complete and correct members profile and Sponsor 10 or more New Memberships within the first month of joining and 1 New Membership each month thereafter.


When you have paid your subscription, verified your email address, completed your personal and business profiles, sponsored 10 or more New Memberships and uploaded your documentation to validate and verify your identity you will receive a business start-up of 10 Million Digital Credits to cover your weekly PLATINUM PLAN Membership and AD Plan subscriptions and all business activity. 


Only Trusted Trading Partners can receive the business start-up of 10 Million Digital Credits to kick-start their business trading activity.


To be approved you MUST have a unique (one of a kind) email address and cell phone number / sim card for each member account you open. If you require more than one account, you are obligated to contact ADMIN to notify them, as ONLY your primary account will receive the business start-up of 10 Million Digital Credits, (€) Credit Euro and you will need to introduce NEW Memberships so that your rewards cover the costs to maintain that account, otherwise you will have to transfer (€) Credit Euro from your primary account to maintain the additional account(s).


If you require an additional account(s) that requires a different email address and cell phone number, we recommend using Protonmail at www.protonmail.com for an encrypted email address and purchasing a NEW Mobile Sim card for each additional account you intend to open.


4. Is there any other additional costs?


There are NO other external costs unless you intend to increase your credit-line with external crypto-currency top-ups and tangible products and services exchanged on the trading platform.


Internally it does not require any cash, money or fiat currency or the use of EFTPOS Bank and Credit/Debit Cards or Loyalty Store Cards. It uses Digital Credits, (€) Credit Euro ONLY via online internet services. One (€) Credit Euro is equal in value to One (€) Euro Dollar in fiat or crypto-currency.

However, once you are operating your credit account there will be internal costs in digital credit euros of 10 to 25 Digits fixed donation charge on withdrawals/transfers and above that a 1/10th or Ten Percent (10%) Tithe on ALL business activity made within the internal Ad campaigns or any transfer of Digits within the network and weekly platinum membership subscriptions that will be automatically debited from your personal e-wallet account.


5. What is the value of the Digital Credits, (₠) Credit Euro?


Our credits are supported by an unrebutted common law commercial lien that can be found in the downloads section of your back-office. This value has been placed over all governments and their agencies, agents and principals with an unlimited value. Due to the blood sacrifice and death of one man, all will be saved. Our members acknowledge this unrebutted claim as "Truth" to be a lawful claim as a tradeable instrument and resource commodity for a global reset, approved and accepted by 'we the people'. 

Externally the value of the platform and the Digital Credit or (€) Credit Euro is based on the value of the (€) Euro Dollar in fiat or crypto-currency, one credit euro for one euro dollar. If the value of the fiat or crypto-currency rises or falls, so does the value of the (€) Credit Euro or digital currency. This value is based on consensual agreement and acceptance by all members who join us. The more memberships increase, the stronger the validation.

 However, the credits are NOT to be traded externally as we wish to remain a totally private and decentralized enterprise, free of Government and Banking Cartel control. 

 When trading internally within the trading platform the value of the credits are based on products and services and the amount people are willing to pay for them. This creates a fair and competitive marketplace that will drive prices down to an acceptable level of value to our consumers. As each NEW Member joins and upgrades to activate their Platinum Membership and Ad Plan subscriptions, the value of the platform increases internally by each members trading activity, tithing and weekly membership subscriptions.

 The abundance credit is set by 'we the people' (members) consensual agreement to accepting its internal and external values and not by algorithms or an (ICO) initial credit offering. Agreement is acceptance and acceptance is agreement, just like law is contract and contract is law.

 When members receive 50% or a half share of the membership subscriptions being paid forward to sponsoring members and trading them for products and services the internal value of the system holds intrinsic value. Our value is not controlled by the elite banking cartel or the volatility of the share market and stock exchange. It is through the active participation of its members and the affiliate referral program to increase in membership numbers for trade purposes and economic growth. No people, no trade and no value. The value is in people not gold, silver or some other commodity.


6. Do I have to pay back the business start-up of 10 Million Digital Credits?


There is a requirement to be fulfilled that requires ALL Members to introduce 10 or more New Members into their direct down-line within the first month of joining and 1 New Member each month thereafter. This establishes weekly credit residuals that tops up a members credit-line to be used to purchase advertised products and services of other registered members, as you are required to spend more than 50% of the credit residuals you recieve from your sponsored members in a pay it forward concept.


So the short answer is NO, when you fulfill your obligations as a member. The 10 Million Digital Credit business start-up is to help kick-start your business venture and is deemed to be a divine inheritance from Io nui Io your Supreme GOD of all gods. It also provides the foundation for equality that will set the stage to end poverty on a universal scale by establishing universal trade, immediately boosting the economy. Members can start sponsoring new memberships that rewards you with half the subscriptions of everyone you personally introduce. Each member is worth 50,000 Digital Credits each week, so sponsoring members is a good thing to do. The business start-up also incurs the 1/10th or 10% tithing on transfer, so your initial credit amount will be 9 Million Digital Credits.


It is recommended to start your business by referring New Trading Partners and participate in the pay it forward program, receiving weekly ongoing credit residuals and increasing your credits by exchanging unlimited goods and services with a 1/10th or 10% tithe on any items sold.


One useful hint is the "Pay It Forward" concept we have adopted where you reward your new recruits 10,000 Digital Credits for each new member they introduce within the first month of joining. This encourages them to act swiftly in building their support network and you benefit from sharing half of their weekly membership subscription for as long as they remain an active Platinum member. Also note that products and services hold true intrinsic values which are exchanged for these digital credits also known as virtual crypto-currency and it is your crypto-currency, products and services that validate the value of your credits making your worth potentially unlimited in value.


7.  Who can join?


Anyone of adult age or 18 years and older who can verify their identity. 


8. What are the Membership Plans?


Login to your back-office using your username and password. Click on Account settings and choose a Membership Plan of your choice and pay with your Godzone Credit Exchange digits from your e-wallet account.


1 MONTH FREE PLAN – Costs 0 Digits and receives 0% or 0 Digits from every privately sponsored membership subscription you introduce.


This plan allows new members to register, verify their email and upload their documentation to validate and verify their identity and to start referring 10 or more New Trading Partners within the first month of joining and 1 New Trading Partner each month thereafter into their family genealogy tree to receive their business start-up of 10 Million Digital Credits to start trading.


Once a member receives the business start-up of 10 Million Digital Credits they will be automatically upgraded to the Platinum Plan Membership Subscription and Platinum AD Plan by Admin Support.


PLATINUM PLAN – Costs 100,000 Digits and receives 50% or 50,000 Digits from every privately sponsored trading partner membership subscription you introduce. Platinum members collectively hold up to 50% of the systems, membership “pay it forward” share values and through the exchange of products and services the values hold true intrinsic value, as a trading commodity.


The Company Shares 50% of the Platinum Membership Subscriptions of each New Trading Partner you personally introduce. The more people you refer into your team, the more weekly credit residuals you receive to exchange for products and services with other members who enable the system to have real true intrinsic value attached to tangible products and services and crypto-currency.


Note: When you receive your 10 Million Digital Credit business start-up you will also be debited 1 Million Digital Credits to support your 1/10 or 10% tithe. This will give you an initial start-up value of 9 Million Digital Credits. The tithe will go to ADMIN which is I'O, ad-ministered by (GOD) Guardians Of Divinity, whose names are consealed for safety purposes.


9. What are the obligations of membership?


To ensure all pay it forward DONATIONS are current and up to date by ensuring the Box, ‘AUTO DEBIT’ Maintenance Fees From your E-Wallet Balance’ is checked in your back-office homepage, under the Referral URL links, to ensure you stay up to date with your payments and remain a Trusted Trading Partner.


To introduce 10 or more NEW Trade Partner Memberships within the first month of joining to receive the business start-up of 10 Million Digits to start trading and then a minimum of (12) Twelve New Membership Subscriptions per year or 1 New Trade Partner Membership per month.

To upgrade from a FREE Membership Plan to a PLATINUM PLAN Membership Subscription "Pay It Forward" Payment Plan and the PLATINUM AD PLAN to list Unlimited Items once you receive the business start-up.


To be members to our crypto-currency affiliates that ensures value exchange. (i.e: TBC and BTC)


To pay a 1/10th or 10% tithe on all business activity, including the business start-up of 10 Million Digital Credits, (€) Credit Euro, backed by crypto-currency which will be automatically debited from the initial business start-up, giving you a balance of 9 Million Digital Credits. This can be rebuilt from your community support network of NEW Memberships that you personally introduce.


To spend the weekly gifted Digits, (€) Credit Euro on products and services from other registered members, advertised within the network.


To list your unused or excess products and/or services back onto the Advertising Platform and become Drop-Ship Resellers.


To comply with the Terms and Conditions, Ethical Marketing, FAQ's and any Policies of the Cooperative Business Alliance with the Company.


To upload a Certified True Copy of your Birth Certificate, a Photo ID like your Driver’s Licence or Passport, Proof of your Current Address that matches your profile information and a Current Photo of your True likeness to your back-office for validation and verification purposes ONLY.


To ensure your personal and business profiles are completed, current and up-to-date.


To uphold the company's integrity by weeding out unethical and dishonorable behavior. 


10. What are the Classified Advertising Plans?


Login to your back-office using your username and password. Click on My Ads and choose an AD Plan based on the quantity of items you intend to list and pay with your Godzone Credit Exchange digits from your e-wallet account.


PLATINUM AD PLAN - Costs 0 Digits and allows you to list UNLIMITED items in exchange for a 1/10th or 10% tithe on any items exchanged.


Extra Costs

Featured Ads – Costs 100 Digits per advertisement.

Home Page Promotions – Costs 500 Digits a week.


Please NOTE, that if you list only one item for sale and it is sold, you will need to personally delete the item from your back-office advertisements to avoid multiple purchases being made that will need to be reimbursed unnecessarily. The Classified Advertisement Listings is designed for on-going sales and multiple listings. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Please note that misleading advertising or unethical and dishonorable behavior will lead to suspension of accounts to allow for remedy of such misconduct before your account can be re-activated. The company works on a 3 Strike Rule before your account will be permanently terminated and the loss of all entitlements, so please keep the integrity of this trading platform and the Company intact.

11. How fast can I get started after I sign up?

Once you have registered to create an account, there is an approval and acceptance process within 24-48 hours. you are required to validate and verify your email address before you can login in. Remember to check your inbox, spam, junk and trash folders for our message with your verification email link.


After approval simply login to your back-office account using your username and password and then complete your personal and business information.


Using a mobile phone or digital camera, take photos and upload the information below to your back-office account settings, basic information page, using the upload feature. You can upload up to 5 Photo images.

Upload the following:

1 x Current Photo of your True likeness holding 2 forms of ID each side of your face.

1 x Certified True Copy of your Birth Certificate. 

1 x Photo ID - Drivers Licence or Passport (or both).

1 x Proof of Current Address that matches your Profile Information. (Utilities Bill, Bank Statement etc)


Pay your monthly administration subscription, being one year in advance,  and you’re ready to go. This MUST be done before you will receive your business start-up of 10 Million Digit Credits, (€) Credit Euro and be recognized as a Trusted Trading Partner.


Your FREE membership allows you to start introducing other new members to this opportunity by sending them your very own private referral link found in your back-office to their email address or direct them to the main website to register at www.gain2unetwork.com and complete the information necessary to create an account. Remember to inform them to change the Sponsor ID to YOUR username and choose the FREE Plan to get started.


12. Do I need to sell any products?


We encourage all members to list and sell their own or excess products and services to build up their Digit, (€) Credit Euro score or (LOC) line of credit. Becoming a Drop-Ship Re-seller will increase your chances to build your digital credits by promoting and exchanging a wholesale suppliers, goods for retail value. All you need to do is advertise their products or service for exchange and they take care of the rest.


13. Can I exchange my products and services for cash?

Your products and services that you have attained are your property and have true intrinsic value that can be exchanged for Credits, Cryptocurrency or Cash. However, the Godzone Crypto-Credits can NOT be exchanged in the public as we are a private and exclusive decentralized credit-based system with appreciating value based on people’s talents, separate from the main stream or current debt-based financial banking system that has depreciating value based on hypothecated interest lending and asset procurement. Exchanging products and services with Godzone Crypto-Credts that have appreciating value enables our Members to increase credits and retain assets as independent creditors.


14. How do I list my products and services and purchase other items?


In the Godzone Credit Exchange you need to login to your back-office with your username and password, click on My Ads, then Change Plan based on the quantity of items you want to list. Click on Create New Ad and complete the Advertisement. The advertisement will need to be approved before it goes live. Please ensure your advertised products and services do not cause harm.


If you want to purchase an item from the Godzone Credit Exchange, you will need to login to your back office using your username and password, go to the top Tabs Bar and click on ADS and then select and open the item you wish to purchase. Click on Add to Cart to purchase the item and then go to the top right of the panel and click on Your Cart items. Select the quantity of items you want (if any) and go to Checkout. Select e-wallet and then continue. You can then contact the seller to arrange delivery of your item(s).


To create more sales, you may require a promotional listing on the home page or featured listings to give you better company exposure and brand awareness. 


15. Is this a Pyramid?


NO we are NOT a Pyramid. You benefit from the membership subscriptions you sponsor personally and NO other levels. This is an affiliate referral program where the company allows you to be rewarded for your effort with 50% Shares of the Platinum Plan Membership weekly subscriptions of those who you personally and directly sponsor. We simply provide the accounting platform to facilitate all trading activity.


The Trading System is a facility that uses Digital Credits ONLY between private members (Trading Partners) exchanging products and services and all business trading activity is tracked and recorded for book keeping and accounting purposes where NO Cash, Money or Fiat Currency is used, other than your admin platform cost to cover running and operational costs. Imagine living a life you desire for an external cost of €240 Euro Dollars a year.


16. Can I withdraw funds to use in the public?


NO...This is a private and exclusive digit trading platform ONLY and you MUST be a member to operate an account. This also helps us to remain decentralized and free from Government and Banking Cartel control.


We have set up an affiliate referral page for crypto-currency that we are also members too that creates value for our members for this purpose. This enables our members to pay their yearly and monthly administration subscriptions in (€) Euro currency value in BTC, TBC, Paypal, Visa etc.


Our crypto-currency services are from other external member associations and are not owned or operated by GAIN 2U Network GODZONE Credit Exchange. They are external 3rd party websites that we have no control over, so we do not accept any liability whatsoever for what is on their websites. We are an affiliate referral member just like you with our own personal and business affiliations. Each affiliation has its own start-up cost that is minimal or free to join that offers exponential growth. Click HERE to view.


17. How much Digits can I withdraw out of my e-wallet account to transfer internally?


The system has been configured to allow you to withdraw as much as you want with a minimum withdrawal of 1,000 Digits. You will incur fees that are equivalent to 10 Digits fixed cost for a 7-Day clearance or up to 25 Digits for a same-day clearance, plus a 1/10th or 10% transfer donation on any withdrawal amount. Withdrawals are processed within 72 hours and must be accompanied by an email to Admin Support requesting a Transfer of Digits, the amount and to what username or membership number within the Gain2u Network Godzone Credit Exchange.


18. Are we subject to taxes?


We ARE NOT Tax collectors or Tax agents and we DO NOT offer advice on those matters. Our digits simply keep records of all trade and exchange activity and is not considered fiat money or cash but rather Digital Credits or Points Value with a 1 to 1 ratio in value across the global spectrum to trade for products that have already been taxed.


It is deemed virtual currency that NO governing authority has any control over. The power and control is in your own hands and it is through your consent of agreement that sets the value of this system through ethical business activity, upholding the integrity of the company and its affiliates.


We are a private and exclusive decentralized trading network operating in our private capacities under the lore of our terms and conditions, policies and procedures governed under biblical counsel of the KING of kings Bible. Click HERE.


We recommend you seek lawful advice from a lawful professional of your own choosing and do your own due diligence.


19. What are the reasons for termination?


If guilty of any serious misconduct or dishonesty which, in the reasonable opinion of the Company, is incompatible with your position within the Company or which may otherwise prejudice or injure or tend to prejudice or injure the reputation of the affairs of the Company or any of the Company’s related companies, investors, shareholders, alliances, trading partners, customers or clients.


Commits a proven criminal act and is convicted of that act.


Breach the ethical marketing standards of the Company.


Not meeting the membership obligations of introducing 10 NEW Members within the first month of joining and 1 NEW Member each month thereafter, not paying forward the platinum membership plan donation of 50% Share of the weekly platinum membership subscription to your sponsor and not spending your own weekly donations on products and services within the network to create the tangible and intrinsic value of our (€) Credit Euro.


Regular Default payments and bad feed-back.


NO reasonable excuse for NOT completing ANY trade, transfer, exchange, purchase that is accepted.


Using someone else’s Account with or without consent.


Not participating in the growth of the company and its affiliate referral program to quantify and qualify for your business start-up backed by intrinsic value in crypto-currency, product and services exchange.


20. When can I start trading the Digits?


Once you have sponsored 10 or more New Trade Partner Memberships or received your Business Start-up of 10 Million Digits and Upgraded to the PLATINUM PLAN Membership Subscription and PLATINUM AD PLAN to list Unlimited Items, you can start trading.


21. How do I redeem the Digits with Retail Outlets?


You can offer the Retailer and all its Shareholders the opportunity to join and trade their products and/or services with our members. Each Shareholder receives a business start-up of 10 Million Digits after first sponsoring 10 or more New Trade Partners each within the first month of joining. Inform them that they have the opportunity to register their customer database and benefit from weekly recurring Digit donations as they share 50% of their customers membership subscriptions. They can also advertise and list unlimited products and services within the network to a global network of traders that have access to (€) Credit Euro that is backed by real tangible and intrinsic value of crypto-currency, products and services. If they then encourage their suppliers down the chain, all the way back to the primary sector of resources you have succeeded in converting them.

Retailers that are currently trading in fiat or crypto-currency can immediately start trading on the classified advertising platform. If they are a drop-ship wholesaler you can list their products and services for current retail prices that are market competitive. The drop-ship wholesaler offers free shipping to deliver anywhere in the world or has fixed standard fees. When a customer or member purchases the item, you receive the retail payment which enables you to secure that order with your drop-ship wholesaler to deliver direct to your customer’s door. 


When a customer receives their goods they can use the item(s) or list them on the GAIN 2U NETWORK platform to trade in crypto-credits.


22. I have clicked on an advertisement that I want to purchase but how do I complete the sale?


When you purchase the item it will be added to your Cart. You will need to click on your Cart items at the top right of your screen just above the social media icons, then click on Checkout, then check the e-Wallet Balance and continue to purchase the item(s). Remember you must always login to your account using your username and password when wanting to purchase or exchange any items or do any business within the network.


23. What is required to make this system successful?


Your participation in recruiting new members and exchanging products and services is a good start.


Advertise a service and contract your time out at an hourly rate. Your sweat equity (labour) is a human resource that can be exchanged for credits. If you have natural resources like land that is full of pine, totara or kauri trees, a quarry for aggregate, rock, cement, an orchard of fruit trees, organic gardens, livestock, pultry, etc. If you have capital resources like a fishing boat to fish, diving equipment to dive, a home to rent, a car to uber, a delivery truck for logistics, a computer for business then offer your resources now to get the trading platform moving.


To know that the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth gave dominion to man over all the resources and all the living creatures that move within and upon it. You were created as a creator to create, so the power is in your hands and not anyone else, regarding male and female. GOD Io nui Io is the only one that has Supreme Authority and ownership over all things.


To have faith, trust, loyalty, integrity and the willingness to participate in a global cooperative business alliance with Godzone Credit Exchange. 


To value ALL participants of this program as the real intrinsic value to the exchange of products and services and realize that this platform provides accountability for all exchanges through Digit management and inventory control by agreement of all participating members.


To become members of our crypto-currency affiliates abundance program that supports the exchange of true intrinsic value on (€) Credit Euro supported by product and service exchange.


To know that everyone has equal opportunity for future growth and development within this network.


24. Can I exchange valuable assets for digital Digits to trade in this System?


YES, we will exchange digital Digits to redeem any assets worth true intrinsic value in today's current society such as Bill of Exchanges, trading instruments, precious metals, stones, minerals, crypto-currencies, property, vehicles, planet resources, food, water, utilities, future technologies, white-ware and electronics, household effects, outdoor furniture, tools, redeemable service vouchers etc.


It is the Divine Will to honour the current real values that you currently hold to make an easy transition to this universal Godzone Credit Exchange trading platform and community membership support network.


25. Do I require technical support to operate my account?


The Godzone Credit Exchange has pre-set parameters and your account is owned and operated by you alone. The system is run by the people and for the people and all transactions are automatically recorded in your e-wallet account. However, if you require a large transfer of digits to a user account, a request can be made to our Admin Support Team to establish a manual transaction.


We recommend that everyone reads the FAQ's, view video's and listen to the Avatar on each page and work with your teams, groups and syndicates of people to encourage one another to fine works and Learn As You Earn.


The Godzone Credit Exchange can be accessed by computer, tablet and any mobile phone device that has internet service connection and for those of you that do not possess these devices you can go to any local Library that offers the use of these free services.


The system requires integrity from its members and it is important to keep your password to your account private and confidential at all times. Please note that the company reserves the right to suspend any account to remedy any unethical transaction or business activity and reinstate the account when remedied.


26. What about delivery of items that are exchanged?


Some products exchanged on the trading platform may NOT include delivery, therefore ALL packaging, handling, postage, courier, cartage, freight, shipping, airmail etc; is an extra charge and may require you to arrange a conventional payment method with the trader you exchanged the items with. To assist with external delivery costs, join our crypto-currency providers.


We recommend ALL items include delivery anywhere in the world and are listed as FREE Delivery even if you have to increase your retail values.


27. Can I pay for my rent, electricity, telephone and other everyday living expenses with my digital credits?


At the initial early stages of building our GAIN 2U NETWORK on its own, the short answer is 'NO' as we deal in crypto-credits internally and they are not for external use.


However, as the membership increases and values are exchanged, we will have the bargaining power to give them an offer they can't refuse. We offer every stakeholder of their business a business start-up of 10 Million Digital Credits, (€) Credit Euro to trade with us. We also offer 50,000 Digital Credits, (€) Credit Euro as ongoing weekly credit residuals from each NEW member they refer to join and establish a Platinum Plan Membership. So this encourages them to introduce their customer database. This in-turn will create more business in the digital economy of a Cashless Society.


On special circumstances your own products and services can be exchanged for cash to accommodate property rental and utility bills initially and you will have the opportunity to encourage them to participate in the Godzone Credit Exchange to offer them better incentives. It will only be a matter of time for mind-sets to be changed and trust to be established. 


28. How do I get my referral Link?


You will need to login to your back-office by using the username and password you registered with. In your back-office homepage of the light blue header bar you will find two (2) "referral links". One will be ending with your username and one will end with your member ID number. Both these links can be shared with your friends via email, social media or sms text message. These 'referral links' go directly to the registration page where the sponsor ID replaces 'admin' to your 'username' or member ID 'number', so that your referral is registered in your genealogy tree and direct uni-level down-line that is your direct community support network.


29. How do I pay for my ongoing weekly Platinum Membership  / AD Plan and Tithing donations?


Option 1

In your back-office login area below the light blue header bar containing your referral links you MUST ensure that the Auto Debit' Box is always checked. This allows your e-Wallet Account to be automatically debited from your positive credit balance. We provide a 10 Million Digital Credit business start-up to credit your account or you can exchange your true tangible and intrinsic values for credits.


Option 2

You can send a 'referral link' to invite new memberships, sponsoring new people to the platinum membership plan that rewards you with half (50,000 Credits) of their weekly membership subscriptions to cover these costs and spend on products and services advertised on the trading platform. You will require two New memberships to break even on costs or more to create a (LOC) Line Of Credit to be exchanged for advertised products and services of other registered members.


Option 3

You can top-up your account using Paypal or make a Bitcoin or TBC Crypto-currency wallet transfer or exchange your tangible assets and products for our credit euros by contacting admin and our values team to value your items and credit your account with a fair and equitable trading value.


30. How do I change or reset my password to my back-office login?


If you are able to access your back-office login area, you can go to Account Settings on the left Member Menu and change your personal, business or basic information, including your password. If you are unable to access your account, then simply contact Admin Support to send you a reset password code to your email account. Copy the code and then go to the Distributor Login on the homepage of the website and insert the code into the password box, along with your username. Once you have opened your back-office, go to Account Settings and change the password. Please note that there will be an administration charge of 1,000 Credits to your e-wallet account for this service, so please store your username and password in a safe location.


31. I have forgotten my username?


You can login using your Member ID on the end of your 'referral link' or your email account.


32. I didn't receive my Activation email to access my back-office and e-Wallet Account?


Firstly check your message inbox, spam, junk and trash folders for the email message and verification link from the company. If they are empty you may contact Admin Support to check and send you an activation link or with proof of ID documentation the company can approve you or you may have to re-register and complete the process again.


33. What are the restrictions for the use of the credits.


The credits can not be used for any illegal, unlawful or criminal activity that may cause harm. They can not be used for pecunary gain, issuing loans, collecting interest, charging taxation, for purchasing products that cause harm, outside external or public use, unless by company agreement and any other reason the company feels is undesireable and in conflict with it's objectives to build a more prosperous future and end poverty and oppression forever.




We recommend you read the FAQ’s and site information. We also suggest to watch the video's and listen to the Avatar on each page to get a more clarified understanding of how the system works.

Please feel free to forward any questions to admin, so we can add them to our list of Frequently Asked Questions?

Send to gain2unetwork@protonmail.com or godzonecreditexchange@protonmail.com.


Happy Trading!

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