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Published on : 14/08/2019
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Manpower Outsourcing provides a service of finding the right manpower for your projects. Our Manpower volunteers are paid 100% Credits from Manpower and they share in the monetary tenders of each project (if any) negotiated with a Manpower Agent. Manpower requires a fair and equitable price for work done in the mainstream. We hope to be able to assist in all services on our website.

Please note:

Our Manpower volunteers are service providers which means they provide the manpower labour for your projects only. Any materials or special equipment required for the job(s) must be provided by the project co-ordinator. 


Manpower Service Rates:

Bronze Unskilled = â‚ 500 Credits an Hour

Silver Skilled = â‚ 1,000 Credits an Hour

Gold Professional = â‚ 2,000 Credits an Hour


If you are an individual service provider or possess a set of skills that can be used within your local community and surrounding areas or you care about your environment and you would like to participate in our (CIP) community involvement program to earn 100% credits and a 50% share of cash, you will need to become an Individual Affiliate.

Please send your Resume or CV to the email address below and take the time to visit the websites services page.  

Inquire NOW at or sms 0226976166.

Don't forget to complete your Manpower Outsourcing Individual Affiliate Profile HERE

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