As a member you will be part of an enormous global community of business operators that exchange their products and services for digits that are eqivalent to the GBP currency.


It offers two sites to list and sell products and services. The Gain2u Network Digital X Change for classified advertising and membership support and GAIN Global Trader for both classified advertising and auction bidding.


Each member gets full access to their own personalised back-office, e-wallet account and management tools. This allows members to manage their customer database, advertising campaigns, product and service sales, and much, much more.


Digital X Change shares 50% of all membership subscriptions to those who participate in growing our global business network by sponsoring new members in a Uni-level Compensation Plan program.


We envisage that manufacturers and suppliers would increase productivity when servicing the members from the Digital Xchange as all our members agree to spend over half their gifted credits they receive each week. As our membership grows, so does supply and demand.


All new members who join the Digital X Change end up becoming Independent Business Owners that trade their excess products and services, therefore building a strong global market place that will improve the global economy.


Best of all is that the Digital X Change is private and exclusive to its registered members and all business can be done in a private capacity from the comforts of your own home using internet services.

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