As a member and Trading Partner, you will be part of an enormous global community of cooperative business operators that exchange their products and services for digits with other registered Trading Partners you have personally introduced in your Community Support Network to benefit from the affiliate referral marketing strategy that rewards you with weekly credit residuals that exchanged on advertised products and services from other registered users. 


It offers members who join a business start-up of 10 Million Digits with the opportunity to increase those Digits, unlimited Advertising of your own (idle capacity) unused personal or business products and services, a trading platform with an online back-office e-wallet account management system and Admin Support. The Gain2u Network Godzone Credit Exchange is for classified advertising and to build your very own family genealogy tree and future membership support network.


Each member gets full access to their own personalised back-office, e-wallet account and management tools. This allows members to manage their customer database, advertising campaigns, product and service exchanges, and much, much more.


Members receive a business start-up of 10 Million Digits to trade for products and services within the network for sponsoring 10 or more NEW Trade Partner Memberships within the first month of joining and 1 New Trade Partner Memberships each month thereafter..


Godzone Credit Exchange shares 50% of all membership subscriptions to those who participate in growing our global business network by sponsoring new trade partner memberships in a Uni-level Compensation Plan program that rewards you for your efforts and provides equal opportunity for all. This provides residual digits on a weekly basis that increases your values and trading capacity.


We envisage that manufacturers and suppliers would increase productivity when servicing the members from the Godzone Credit Exchange as all our members agree to spend over half their gifted credits they receive each week. As our membership grows, so does supply and demand.


All new members who join the Godzone Credit Exchange end up becoming Independent Business Owners that trade their excess products and services, therefore building a strong global market place that will improve the global economy.


Best of all is that the Godzone Credit Exchange is private and exclusive to its registered members and all business can be done in a private capacity from the comforts of your own home using internet services via a computer, mobile phone or tablet device.




1.  Register to become an exclusive Trade Partner Member.

2.  Complete the required personal and business information.

3.  Verify your email address and login to your Back-Office using your Username and Password, then Upload the required Documentation to validate and verify your identity. All business is conducted from your Back-Office Membership Login Area.

4.  Start Sponsoring within the first month of joining, 10 or more Trade Partner Memberships then 1 Trade Partner Membership each month thereafter by sending them your referral link or your Sponsors Username to register and become a Trade Partner Member and to build your Community Support Network.

5.  Receive your business start-up of 10 Million Digital Credits and automatically be upgraded to the PLATINUM PLAN Membership Subscription and PLATINUM AD PLAN that allows you to list Unlimited Items.

6.  By Sponsoring New Trade Partner Memberships you receive a donation of 50% share of each Trade Partners Platinum Plan Membership Subscription by the Company.

7.  Use these donations to purchase advertised products and services within the online shopping network.

8.  Advertise in the PLATINUM AD PLAN (ADS) area of your Back-Office, your own (idle capacity) unused personal and business products and services or any excess items previously purchased, back onto the online shopping network to capitalize on the business activities of other registered Trade Partners or to recoup and replenish your own personal digital credit score values.

9.  Start building relationships with your team of Trade Partners by trading products and services between you and other registered members within the Community Support Network.

10. Expand your Community Support Network locally, nationally and internationally to reach out to other World Trading Partners to establish a global marketplace, becoming a recognized brand with Global Advertising Internet Network (LTD). One way to achieve this is to invite people of other ethnic backgrounds from other countries for global penetration and expansion.


For further information please refer to FAQ’s.

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