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New Members  :   Benoir Midwood-Murray, Kalani Marsich, Gavin Marsich, Liesbeth Hofwegen, Brett Kapa, Joan Marie Wirihana, Jaime-Leigh Wilson, Amanda Knights, BillyJo stevens, Michael Main,


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Welcome to the platform of Global Advertising Internet Network (LTD) the global advertising, sales and marketing company of the New Millennial Kingdom. The GAIN 2U Network Godzone Credit Exchange is for referral members to sponsor new members into their very own family support network which allows them to earn 50% of the membership subscriptions of those who they sponsor to spend on products and services advertised within the shopping network. It costs €20 Euros a month to join and you can start immediately building your very own family genealogy tree to become your future support network and when everyone upgrades to the platinum membership plan you will receive 50,000 digital credits from each member you had personally introduced, benefiting from ongoing weekly credit residuals for as long as they remain in credit. It also covers your platform usage charge on the GAIN 2U MATRIX. Get Started TODAY by registering above.    

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